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Question "School-Based Physical Activity Does Not Compromise Children’s Academic Performance" Yasmin Ahamed, Heather Macdonald, Katherine Reed, Patti-Jean Naylor, Teresa Liu-Ambrose and Heather Mckay 0195-9131/07/3902-0371/0 MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE, DOI: 10.1249/01.mss ... Read More

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Read The Journal Article And Answer Questions

Question Treatment of Obese Children With and Without Their Mothers: Changes in Weight and Blood Pressure Kelly D. Brownell, Jane H. Kelman and Albert J. Stunkard Pediatrics 1983; 71; 515-523 1. For the Change in Percentage Overweight (Figure 1), which of the following statements is TRUE? a. The ... Read More

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Write A Letter To A Legislator Requesting Him To Develop Needed Piece Of Legislation

Question Your task is to write a concise 1-2 page formal letter to a federal legislator. The purpose of your letter is to either (a) support one of the 21 current pieces of nursing-related legislation listed in the following link ( OR ... Read More

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Compare Decalcification Of Bone Using Acid Versus Chelating Agents

Question Compare and contrast decalcification of bone using acid versus chelating agents. Include in your answer the time taken for both, and benefits and drawbacks of each Method? Please answer this question using 300 words or less. You must include in-text referencing where appropriate and a refe ... Read More

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Literature Review On Static Stretching Affecting Lower Limb Force Production And Agility In Players

QuestionDoes pre-competition static stretching affect lower limb force production and agility in basketball players? Provide a detailed literature review.Summary The question belongs to Nursing and it discusses about writing a literature review about static stretching affecting lower limb force pro ... Read More

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Supplementary Assessment Of Pain Management In Surgical Patients

QuestionSupplementary assessment for Pain management for surgical Patients and other options if one pain management does not work.Summary The question belongs to Nursing and it discusses about supplementary assessment of pain management  for surgical patients and other options if it does not w ... Read More

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Case Study Of A Patient With High Blood Pressure

QuestionMrs B. Luv is a 70 year old female of average height. She weighs 85 kg. She has recently been found to have a blood pressure of 159/98 mmHg and is pre-diabetic.  Mrs Luv also has some renal impairment.  Her nurse practitioner has advised Mrs Luv to make some lifestyle changes to re ... Read More

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Difference Between The Words Disparities, Inequality And Inequity When Referring To Health

QuestionWhich term do you prefer: health “disparities”, “inequality”, or “inequity”? Why? Are there differences? What’s the significance of the differences? Why do you think it’s so difficult to define or come up with a universal definition?Summary The ... Read More

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Disparities In Breast Cancer Diagnosis Among African American Women And White Women

QuestionAfrican American women are diagnosed with breast cancer at lower rates than white women. However, more African American women die from the disease. What are your thoughts on that inequity? What can this tell us about the healthcare system? Did you find reading particular women’s narrat ... Read More

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Relationship Between Time Spent In US And Onset Of Disease

QuestionFrom the perspective of an immigrant, how would you describe the relationship between time spent in the United States and the onset of illness (mental, chronic and infectious)? What ways could we decrease the effects “Americanization” has on the health of immigrants?Summary The q ... Read More

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Colonization And Effect On Health Of Different Population

QuestionWhat are the effects of colonization on health in different populations? How did you feel about the difficulties the Marshallese and Pima people face after colonization? How can we transform living environments that have a history of deeply entrenched poverty?Summary The question belongs to ... Read More

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Scenario On Effective Communication For Health Assessment

QuestionMs Sanja Boyd, 36-years-old, visits the local GP clinic because she noticed that the ‘mole’ which she has had for many years on her left leg has started to change rapidly over the last few months. She says initially it was a “flat brownish spot” but that it had become ... Read More

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