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Medical Use of Marijuana for Terminally Ill Patients

Question Write on the use of medical marijuana at the end of life care should be allowed by physicians for patients that desire. For not only the analgesic properties, but maybe more important for the relaxing and stress reducing qualities that it has. Summary The question in nursing is about the ... Read More

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Research Plan For Evaluating The Impact Of Admission And Screening Of A Total Hip Replacement In Elderly Patients

Question Write a research plan for evaluating the impact of admission and screening of a total hip replacement in elderly patients. Summary The question belongs to Nursing and it is about the evaluation of the impact of admitting and screening elderly patients for total hip replacement. This rese ... Read More

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Identifying Symptoms Or Signs Of Pneumonia

Question Derek Smith, a 75 year old male, has been admitted to the medical ward with pneumonia. He has been feeling generally unwell and coughing for the past two weeks. When you come in to see him, he is sitting up in bed. Mr Smith has an audible inspiratory wheeze.   Other clinical data ... Read More

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Nursing Applying Ethical and Legal Principles to Resolve Ethical Dilemma in Nursing

Question: Applying ethical and legal principles in the resolution of an ethical dilemma related to a specified area of professional nursing practice. Case study Tabitha is 16 years old, attends the local school when she is not sick, she lives with her two brothers and her parents and she was diag ... Read More

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