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Nike, Inc. is an American international company which is occupied in the manufacturing, development, design, and global marketing as well as sales of services, accessories, equipment, apparel as well as footwear. The corporation is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon. This company is one of the global biggest suppliers of apparel and athletic shoes as well as a main producer of sports tools, with income in surplus of US$24.1 billion in 2012 (fiscal year). In year 2012 it has more than 44,000 workers across the world. In year 2014 the value of the brand alone was $19 billion, turning to the most precious brand in the business of the sports.

The corporation was established on January 25, 1964, as “Blue Ribbon Sports”, by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and later it became “Nike, Inc. (May 30, 1971)”. The corporation takes its name from “Nike, the Greek goddess of victory”. Nike produces their products under their own brand and Nike Skateboarding, Foamposite, Air Max, Nike Dunk, Air Force 1, Nike Blazers, Air Jordan, Nike+, Nike Pro, Nike Golf, as well as subsidiaries involving Brand Jordan, Hurley International and Converse. In adding to producing equipment and sportswear, the corporation functions retail stores with the name of Niketown. The company also sponsors numerous high-status athletes as well as sports-teams across the globe, with the extremely identified trademarks of Swoosh logo and Just Do It logo. ("About Nike - Company Profile", 2017)

SWOT Analysis:

Nike Inc.’s management in the global sports shoes, apparel market and equipment exhibits the importance of its positive aspects in challenging against other big companies like Adidas. A SWOT study of Nike sketches how these positive points’ links with the organization’s threats, opportunities and weaknesses. Founded in “1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports”, The Company is currently one of the global main players in the “athletic footwear market”. A considerate of the organization’s weaknesses and strengths, and threats and weaknesses yields imminent on how a developed as well as retail industry can attain worldwide achievement despite rough opposition. The SWOT of Nike converses the “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats” of the most important footwear brand – “Nike”. Nike is one of the top 3 troupes in the globe for sports shoes.



  1. Global most important brand for apparel and sports shoes
  2. Identified 3 times by fortune magazine on ‘100 best companies to function for’
  3. Planned amongst 50 mainly inventive business
  4. It distinguishes  by building inventive goods which has worldwide identification
  5. Effectual commerce relationship internationally
  6. Started some other stuff in association with corporations for example, started watches, music player etc
  7. Most important pinnacle of the brain product with brilliant inventive branding and advertising
  8. Special shops across the globe in spite of accessibility via multi-brand vend sections
  9. Ranked in peak 3 for environment-friendly organizations
    10. Linked itself with most important global sports events, players and teams




  1. In Vietnam the business experienced accusation of wage and labor laws with workers
  2. In Pakistan and Cambodia also they faced the child labor allegation as well as not suitable working situations.



  1. creation development in sections like more attentiveness in sportswear, sunglasses, etc. that provides elevated earnings
  2. Capable of beginning their stores in “tier 2 cities” in rising financial system also
    3. Improve brand accessibility by starting sports academies all over the globe for cultivating ability



  1. Footwear marketplace is so aggressive, main opposition from another products
  2. As it is a global product money fluctuations of nations influences the trade
  3. False replicas and imitations often reason a difficulty
  4. Amendment of latest methods and improvement by other products



  • Nike is the “world’s no. 1 shoemaker”. It plans and sells shoes for a range of sports involving football, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading, golf and baseball.
  • Nike utilizes a ‘Make to Stock’ consumer order that offers a fast-service to clients from obtainable supply.
  • Nike functions sportswear stores and Nike Town shoe, Nike Women shops and Nike factory outlets. Nike sells its products all through US as well as in approx. 180 nations.
  • Nike is tough at R&D, as is confirmation by its innovative and evolving product variety. They then produce anywhere they can manufacture elevated superiority creation at the lowest probable cost. ("NIKE Inc: Company Profile - Bloomberg", 2017)
  • Nike is a worldwide product. It is the figure “one sports brand” in the earth. Its well-known ‘Swoosh’ is instantaneously identifiable, as well as Phil Knight (CEO and Founder).


  • The profits of the commerce are still greatly based upon its distribution of the foot-wear marketplace. This might depart it helpless if for any cause its market-share corrodes.
  • The trade section is quite cost receptive. Though, mostly of its profits is resultant from trading into retailers. All the retailers inclined to provide a very alike knowledge to the client. Hence margins inclined to find compressed as retailers attempt to go by few of the low-price opposition force on Nike. (Paine, 2014)


  • Creation growth provides Nike many chances. The product is violently protected by its holders whom truthfully consider that “Nike is not a fashion brand” though clients which dress in Nike creation don’t always procure it to contribute in activity. In youth civilization mainly, “Nike is considered as a fashion brand”. This generates its own chance.
  • There is also the chance to expand products like jewellery, sunglasses and sport wear. This kind of high cost products do inclined to include linked with them.
  • The commerce may also be formed globally, forming upon its tough universal brand identification. There are also worldwide advertising actions which may be used to sustain the trademark like The Olympics and the World Cup (soccer). (RIGBY, 2014)


  • Nike is showing to the global environment of employment. It obtains and sells in dissimilar moneys as well as so margins and costs are not steady over long-periods of instance. Like an introduction may signify that Nike might be developed or/and advertising at a failure. This is a subject that experiences all worldwide brands.
  • The marketplace for garments and sports shoes is very spirited. Participants are forming substitute make to take away Nike’s marketplace share. (RIGBY, 2014)


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