News Item Review: Employee Bullying by management led to strike


Review a current news article or event

The news item must be current; i.e., must have been published sometime during these dates: September 1, 2013 and November 29, 2013. You must reference this item accurately - following this format:

Author or Journalist (first and last name); • Title of article or event; Name of publication or media channel; Exact date (time) of publication or broadcast.
You have to be the first to post the news item; no marks will be given for a replication of an item. Last semester, some students lost marks because they did not read the other postings and realize that someone had posted the same article. Even if the event is from a different source (i.e. a different newspaper), if the event or issue is the same one, then you will receive
You have to provide an accurate summary of the key points of the news item (point form is acceptable)The item must be directly related to topics covered in the HR course, and you must indicate the following:

•    What is the major Human Resource function that this article is affecting
•    How is the article related to the subject matter you are studying.
•    Who will be most affected by the subject
•    Why the news item is interesting to HR students and /or professionals
•    You must pose an interesting question which can be motivating.

•    Training and Development
•    Performance Management and the Employee Appraisal Performance
•    Managing Compensation
•    Pay for Performance: Incentive Rewards
•    Employee Benefits
•    Promoting Health and Safety
•    Employee Rights and Discipline
•    The Dynamics of Labour Relations
•    International HRM


The question belongs to Human Resources and it is a news article review which is about bullying in the management of shipyard that had led to the strike or going out of job for employees working in the company. A thorough review of the news article has been given in the solution.

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