New Strategy for International Business from Finance Point of View


To introduce the CEO’s new strategy to the entire financial and accounting department, the CFO has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation. As most of the department has not been involved in any kind of international finance or accounting, your presentation is meant to be both introductory and comprehensive in scope. Create PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

The following is a minimum list of the topics that must be covered:

•    List the trends and the recent history of growth in global business and investment and the cause of these trends; include statistics and legitimate references for those statistics.
•    What is the difference between dealing internationally versus domestically?
•    What are specific examples of global sources for the financing of major investments?
•    What are specific examples of global opportunities for investment that may not be present when looking at domestic opportunities? DB#1 (150-200 WORDS ONLY)

Your CFO is new to the scope of international business and asked you to explain the background on its overall issues. From a financial perspective, list and discuss at least 3 pros and 3 cons of engaging in international business. From each list, which item do you feel is the most important to the firm’s success, and why? Explain in your own words.


The question belongs to Finance and it is Powerpoint Presentation on a new strategy for international business from finance point of view. This presentation will explain the background issues and will also list 3 pros and 3 cons of engaging in international business.

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