New Business Idea: Pet Care Business Powerpoint Presentation


Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that outlines how you would organize a new business and how you would manage employees based on a hypothetical idea for a new business or a newly formed business with which you are familiar Your discussion of strategic business decisions must be supported by peer-reviewed research, theoretical foundations, and structures described in your Organizational Theory Taxonomy Assignment.

Address the following in your presentation:
•    An overview of the business you developed or identified
•    People systems, known as talent management, including individual and group dynamics and management or executive roles
•    Performance appraisal and reward
•    Organizational learning functions
•    Leadership strategy and rationale for your choices
•    Include detailed speaker notes.
•    Include a reference slide.
•    Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


The question belongs to Corporate Strategy and it is a Powerpoint presentation for a new business model. A new business model first needs to weighed for its pros and cons and the profitability of the new business also has to be taken into consideration. Apart from this, the potential for such a business in the market is also considered. Here an example of Pet Care Business has been taken into consideration and its potential viability is checked. Such things are discussed in the Powerpoint Presentation. Please find the Powerpoint presentation attached.

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