Discuss about Multi-Modal Biometrics for Access Control



A.What is meant by “Multi-modal Biometrics” for access control?

B. In theory and in practice, what quantifiable advantages and disadvantages can be attributed to multi-modal biometrics?

Note: Please provide separate responses for physical security (e.g., access to a computer room) and information access (e.g., databases).

A. Discuss the tradeoffs between life health, safety and protection vs. information system protection in a fire protection policy.

B. Identify and discuss examples of fire protection practices which have been changed because of their effects on humans.

A. Identify and discuss two mechanisms or capabilities in information systems which provide the non-repudiation security dimension?
B. For each mechanism discuss the security measures for protecting and preserving the non-repudiation data?

A. Discuss one of the general set of procedures that an enterprise should follow to preserve digital evidence when faced with a suspected insider breach if information security?
B. Discuss the issues this procedure may legally face?

A. Discuss the importance of SCADA security.

B. Why are SCADA systems particularly vulnerable to cyber treats?

C. Using the X.805 security framework as a reference, discuss the SCADA security requirements for an electric, water or oil refinery enterprise.


B. Compare and discuss the similarities and differences between “cold”, “warm” and “hot” sites. Explain whether these sites are elements of a disaster recovery plan or a business continuity plan.

C. Critically discuss FEMA’s role and record of assisting in disaster recovery. What has FEMA done that has been very successful? What suggestions for improvement might you suggest to FEMA?



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