Moral Theories That Support Supplier’s Responsibilities


1. Which of the following is true of an LLC?

a. An LLC is governed by federal law.
b. An LLC is regarded as a separate legal entity.
c. An LLC cannot hold title to property.
d. An LLC's owners are called specific partners.


2. Portman, who runs a computer hardware store, had signed a contract with Stewie Inc. to deliver 125 computer monitors. He was to deliver them by the 5th of August, but, by the 3rd of August, Portman could not arrange for the monitors as his usual supplier suddenly was not available. Portman then decided to go to another supplier who had a higher selling price rather than cancel the contract with Stewie Inc., as he believed it was his duty to do so. Which of the following moral theories matches Portman's behavior?

a. Kantian ethics
b. Utilitarianism
c. Rawls's social justice theory
d. Moral relativism


These multiple choice questions belong to Law. The 1st question discusses about a true of false statement about LLC and the 2nd question discusses about the moral theories on supplier’s responsibilities.

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