Meta Analysis of Interventions to Promote Mammography


Read the abstract, introduction and the first subsection under “Methods” section from the selected article by Han et al.
 Then answer the following questions. 

 1. What type of research review did the investigators undertake?
2. Did the researchers begin with a problem statement? Summarize the problem in a few sentences.
3. Did the researchers provide a statement of purpose? If so, what was it?
4. How many different databases did the researchers search? How many researchers were involved in the search? Were any manual methods used in the search?
5. What keywords were used in the search? Were the keywords related to the independent or dependent variable of interest
6. Did the researchers restrict their search to English-language reports?
7. Did the researchers restrict their search to articles published after a certain date? If so, did the researchers state their rationale?
8. How many citations were initially identified by the search?
9. What are some of these reasons the researchers cited for eliminating some of the retrieved studies from considerations?
10. How many studies ultimately were included in the review?
11. Were the studies included in the review qualitative, quantitative, or both? Give examples. 
12. Using the keywords, perform a computerized search to see if you can find a recent (2014-2016) relevant study to augment the review - (Include the reference for the article and the URL)


This question belongs to nursing and discusses about the article “A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Promote Mammography Among Ethnic Minority Women”

Word count: 576


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