Media Clip Analysis


Media Clip Analysis

The purpose of this paper is to provide an opportunity for you to critically appraise examples of leadership media. This is a synthesis of the knowledge you have acquired throughout the programs in terms of professional practice and responsibility as well as the application of the content of this course.  Each student is required to search and identify two different leadership videos clips found on the internet. One video should demonstrate support for one of Kouzes and Posner (K&P) leadership competencies and the other video should oppose the same leadership competency.  You can find the videos on You tube, or another reputable site.  Using the text and other articles provided to you for this class, write a paper (maximum 5 pages) that compares and contrasts the two videos.  This assignment is considered your midterm and is due week 8.
You are expected to post your two videos links to share the resources with your colleagues.
    1.  Introduce the two videos and why they were chosen.
            a.  Include a brief summary of the media clip and a recognized relationship/significance to the chosen K&P competency.
    2.  Critical appraisal
    For each video discuss:
            a.  How does the video support the K&P competency?
            b.  How does the video oppose the K& P competency?
            c.  What are the possible implications for your nursing leadership?
            d.  What changes would you recommend for the video that opposes K&P competencies?
    3.  APA format
    4.  Spelling and grammar


The activity belongs to Human Resource Management. The question is a video analysis where two videos which depict contrasting leadership qualities must be taken and reviewed. The two videos selected for the analysis include one from the ‘Brave-heart’ and the other from the movie ‘Remember the Titans’. The solution has gives a critical analysis of both the videos.

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