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Find the Compressive Stress of Concrete in Steel

Question The steel pipe is filled with concrete and subjected to a compressive force of about 250 kN, figure 4. The pipe has an outer diameter of 80 mm and an inner diameter of 60 mm. a.    Determine the average compressive stress in the concrete and in the steel.b.     ... Read More

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Determine the Torque at Gear, Maximum Stress of Shaft and Angle of Twist

QuestionThe turbine develops 250 KW of power, which is transmitted to the gears such that C receives 60% and D receives 40%, figure 5. The rotation of the 75 –mm-diameter A-36 steel shaft is w= 800 rev/min. The journal bearing at E allows the shaft to turn freely about its axis. a.   ... Read More

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Testing Tensile Strength of Steel Tubing

Question Average stress and factor of safety Two steel tube are joined at B by four pins (dp = 11 mm), as shown in the cross section a-a in the figure. The outer diameters of the tubes are dAB = 40 mm and dBC = 28 mm. The wall thicknesses are tAB = 6 mm and tBC = 7 mm. The yield stress in tension ... Read More

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Testing Tensile Strength with Normal Strain and Poisson's Ratio

Question Normal strain and Poisson’s ratio A tensile test is performed on a brass specimen 10 mm in diameter using a gauge length of 50 mm. When the tensile load P reaches a value of 20 kN, the distance between the gauge marks has increased by 0.122 mm. (a) What is the modulus of elasticity ... Read More

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Shear Strain Calculation of Concrete Holding Epoxy

Question Shear strain A joint between two concrete slabs A and B is filled with a flexible epoxy that bonds securely to the concrete. The height of the joint is h = 100 mm, its length is L = 1 m, and its thickness is t = 125 mm. Under the action of shear forces V, the slabs displace vertically thr ... Read More

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Vessel Thickness and Handling Pressure

Question Pressure vessels A cylinder filled with oil is under pressure from a piston, as shown in the figure. The diameter d of the piston is 90 mm and the compressive force F is 42 kN. The maximum allowable shear stress in the wall of the cylinder is 80 MPa. What is the minimum permissible thickn ... Read More

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