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Case Study Analysis Eubiq Redesigning The Electrical Outlet

Question Eubiq: Redesigning the electrical outlet Claim to fame: Eubiq produces a power track that allows special adaptors to be connected to it, to power devices. This eliminates the need for extension cords and power outlets. Inventor and engineer Yong Choon, 68, did not start out looking to red ... Read More

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Does Borders Have CRM Solution

Question Does Borders have a CRM solution? Explain   Summary The question belongs to Economics and it discusses about whether or not Borders company has a CRM solution in place. The solution discusses this in detail. Total Word Count 412 ... Read More

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Case Study Analysis: The China Syndrome: Cultural Misunderstandings Can Lead To Marketing Failures

Question Case Study: The China syndrome: Cultural misunderstandings can lead to marketing failures” Read the case study and answer the questions. Questions 1. From your reading of the case study, what do you consider the single most important error made by ScanCRM in its failure to appreci ... Read More

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As Marketing Consultant Build Brand Equity Either For Apple Or Samsung

Question Apple and Samsung have been in a battle for market share, technology, and market leadership. Both are strong brands. You have been appointed a brand consultant to one of these companies. You have been asked to build the brand to set it apart from the other. (You can choice which one you ar ... Read More

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As Brand Manager What Is The Brand Repositioning Strategy For Blackberry

Question You have been appointed Brand Manager for Blackberry in the USA. Your first task is to re-position the brand so that it can compete with the other major companies. (Assume that the  technology issues have been resolved). How would you go about completing this task?    Summ ... Read More

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Write A Critique On A Commercial Aired On Popular Channels

Question Watch any one of these channels: (CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC) in the prime time and pick one commercial. The purpose of picking the commercial is critiquing it; Who are the audience? Why this ad has been placed in this time? How much does it cost the company? is it cheaper? is it effective? A ... Read More

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Marketing Research That Can Help Increase The Occupancy Rate At A Hotel

Question An independent 3 star hotel situated on Fort Lauderdale beach has employed you as its Marketing Manager. It competes with well-known hotel brands. The General Manager of the hotel is concerned that the occupancy rate of the hotel is on average 70%. She would like it to be at least 80%. She ... Read More

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Recommendations For Supermarket Giant On How To Increase Market Share

Question Publix supermarkets have dominated market share in the grocery store industry in Florida for some time. However, there are signs that competitors like Winn Dixie are getting better and new entrants in this business like Wal-Mart and Target Super Stores are attempting to increase their groc ... Read More

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Discuss About Everyday Pricing Strategies Between Walmart And Publix

Question Walmart recently had a full page advertisement in the Miami Herald headlined "see for yourself Miami, same items 15% less! It shows 20 items at Publix and compares these items with the prices at Walmart. They are 15% cheaper than Publix. At the bottom of the advert it says "More Reaso ... Read More

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Make A Prediction 10 Years Into The Future About Physical Bookstores

Question Borders book store closed down a few years ago and Barnes and Noble is closing many of their outlets even in South Florida. Is there a future for the bricks and mortar bookstore? Will consumers be forced to buy books online in the future? Predict the book distribution structure in 10 years ... Read More

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Write A Report On Counteracting The Competition In Retail Space By Lidl And Aldi In Ireland

Question Many of the large and dominant supermarket groups in Ireland are currently experiencing significant competition from Lidl and Aldi. Their dominant market share has been progressively eroded over the years. The combined growth of Lidl and Aldi is forcing the major supermarkets to compete ag ... Read More

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Write An Essay On Social Networking And Its Positives And Negatives On The Society

Question Social Networking has been around long enough to consider the positives and negatives that it provides to society. Use recent events to discuss cases from the last 2 years.   Summary The question belongs to Marketing and it discusses about writing an essay about social networking a ... Read More

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