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Factors Influencing Price Elasticity of Demand

Question Define the concept of price elasticity of demand, and list the factors that influence the degree of elasticity. Summary This question belongs to marketing and discusses about price elasticity of demand. Word count: 159   ... Read More

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Public Relations Marketing Strategy to Enhance Brand Awareness

Question Answer the following questions Why might a potential customer prefer to shop using the Internet channel, and what are the marketer’s opportunities in meeting the needs of this customer? Describe a public relations marketing strategy that a firm may use to enhance brand awareness ... Read More

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Help of MkIS for Midwest Steel Company

Question Answer the following questions Imagine that you’ve just been made the marketing manager for a university. Your first task is to assess the university’s immediate environment.  What questions should you ask? Recently, the marketing manager for Midwest Steel Company rais ... Read More

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Difference in Autocratic and Democratic Buying Centers

Question Phil is a textbook company salesman about to call on the Philadelphia School District. He would like to know in advance whether the school district’s buying center is autocratic or democratic.  What is the difference between the two buying center cultures? How could this infor ... Read More

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Difference Between Market Penetration and Market Development Strategies

Question Answer the following questions What is the difference between a market penetration strategy and a market development strategy? How might a company implement each strategy? A small manufacturer was once quoted as saying, “The best day and the worst day of my business life was the ... Read More

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Marketing Strategies of Proctor & Gamble and Garden Gate

Question Why do manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble spend millions of dollars annually creating and maintaining their brands? Why don’t they just manufacture their products and sell them under store brand labels? Garden Gate is a one-location nursery business that sells plants and flow ... Read More

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Automotive Brand in Sultanate of Oman

Question Journal Article on ‘Automotive Brand in Sultanate of Oman: Customers Perspective’ Critically evaluate the above article from a theoretical perspective and consider the practical implications using examples based on the Omani market. Summary The question belongs to marketing ... Read More

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Marketing Plan for Mecedes Benz Oman

Question According to Clive Hammond, CEO of Zawawi Trading Company Automotive, Mercedes-Benz Oman has a “continuing commitment to delivering the Best Customer Experience” (12th  June, 2016). Based on the aforementioned, you have been approached by Clive Hammond, in your capacity a ... Read More

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Collaborative Approach for Negotiation Process

Question CASE STUDY PLUMP PIES LTD Background Plump Pies Ltd (PPL) is a medium sized bakery that produces vegetarian pies and pastries for the restaurant market. Its main product ‘The Crumb-licious’ has twice been voted ‘Vegetarian Pie of the Year’ by a leading hotel ch ... Read More

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Critique on Blending Market Research and User Research Activities

Question Refer Kutty, P., 2015, Blending market research and user research activities, interactions, 22(3), pp. 68-70. Evaluate a particular User Centered Design practice or theory (as presented in an academic paper) and assess its importance or relevance to software development practice.  ... Read More

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Benefits of E-Marketing for Hubway

Question Hubway: Boston’s Online Bike-Sharing System If you've ever lived in a city, you know that getting around can be a challenge. Traffic jams, overflowing parking lots, crammed subway cars, drivers who plow through puddles that spray water on pedestrians—all of these may be enou ... Read More

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Report on Context of a digital ad on Social Media Site

Question Use a digital ad that you received from a social media site (such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, etc.) or on a web page you visited. Paste a screenshot of the ad in your report, and explain the context of the ad; i.e., where you got it, and why you thi ... Read More

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