Marketing Strategy for Finish Dishwashing Detergent Brand



Brand Background

Finish is the leading brand in the Auto Dish (ADW) category in Australia. The brand currently holds a 73% Market Share and is one of the highest grossing margins in the Reckitt and Benkiser’s portfolio, and stands apart as a power brand. Finish is the number one;
-    Dishwasher product in Australia,
-    Recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers
-    Trusted brand by Australian mums.
The brand has become a leader in the market for product innovation and has television Ads almost every week of the year. The Dish washing tablets themselves are manufactured in Poland, and take approximately 8 weeks to reach Australia
Basic Demand Conditions
Consumption patterns
The Total Finish tablets category equates to $99 million. In Australia, approximately 8 million households have dishwashers, and out of that 8 million 3.2 million use Finish tablets. In 2001, Australian’s used their dishwashers 460 million times. Out of that 460 million washes, Finish was used for 300 million of those washes. This equated to approximately 65% of washes being Finish.
Target Audience
The primary purchasers of Finish Tablets are the grocery stores and the end users are households. The approximate breakdowns of purchases by Australian resellers are:
•    Woolworths (40%)
-    45% Share of Total Tablets
-    Finish: 75% share of Woolworths Tablets
•    Coles (40%)
-    37% Share of Total tablets
-    Finish: 71% share of Coles Tablets
•    Independent Grocers (10%)
•    Additionally a small volume volume goes to Costco and also through Pharmacy (Newman. 2012)
Broadly the Finish Target Audience is Grocery Buyers - usually this has a high correlation with Females 25-49 (Newman. 2012)
More specifically, the target audience and end-user for Finish tablets can be further segmented by the following key characteristics:
•    Households that have dish washers
•    Female mothers that have two children
•    Extremely cleanly and ensures that their household is perfectly clean
•    They feel that they can only relax and have time for themselves once everything is clean and tidy
Finish currently offers 4 variants of their product; Classic, All in one, max in one and quantum. Each tablet provides a standard level of cleaning but offers more stronger and new innovative formulae’s the higher up the brand extensions.
Developing a Blue Ocean strategy for Finish requires that the 3 non-customer tiers are identified so that an effective strategy can be created and implemented.
1.    “Soon-to-be”
These customers would consist of primarily households which choose to powders and other dishwashing products other than tablets
2.    “Refusing”
This category of non-customers consists of households without dishwashers and feels that they don’t need a dish washing machine, due to only a few family members or not enough need for a dish washer.
3.    “Unexplored”
These non-customers would include both households with dish washers and households without them. The households with dish washers may have always used powders and have never been exposed to tablets. Whereas households without dishwashers may have not realised the time and effort purchasing a dish washer can actually have.
•    The breakdown of each variant suggests that more consumers are upgrading and going onto the Quantum brand.
How, when and where do consumers buy?
Finish use a Cost per Wash (CPW) bases to determine the frequent use of their tablets by customers. As the number of washes is limited by the number of households that own a dishwasher, Finish focus on shifting existing customers onto higher more profitable variants. However this does lead to internal cannibalisation of existing lines in the Finish range.

Environmental Impacts on Demand – socio-cultural, economic and material environment, regulations, technology, and relevant infrastructure
•     R Newman. 2012. RECKITT BENCKISER FORUM. [ONLINE] Available at:


The question belongs to Marketing and it is about Finish, a dishwashing detergent in Australia. As the Australian dishwashing marketing is booming and Finish wants to capture those customers, who are “not willing”, “unexplored” and “soon to be”. Finish wants to come with a strategy which can penetrate within these customers.

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