Marketing Recommendation Plan for organization in Hospitality industry


This project is to be a RECOMMENDATION/PLAN not simply a report of what your company is or isn’t doing correctly.

  • You must select a company doing business in the hospitality industry that you believe is struggling. (hotel, casino, theme park, restaurant, cruise line, etc.)
  • You are to address your hospitality’s challenges from a MARKETING perspective only. In other words, how can you modify their marketing programs to solve problems and  take advantage of opportunities.
  • You are to identify at least FOUR marketing related recommendations in your plan.
  • As a group, you must include at least 20 outside references from relevant (within last 2 years) and credible sources.
  • Trade journals are a great source for information you may wish to rely upon for your recommendations.

4) Target Audience: Should be grow by adding new target customers? Reinforcing how we go after existing customers? Both?

a) Segmentation by:

  • Demographics/Cultural
  • Geographic
  • Psychographics (AIO)
  • Behavioral
  • Situational
  • Benefits sought

b) Large enough? Reachable? Measurable?
7) Branding Strategy

  • How will you establish brand awareness?
  • What will be your brand image? Should it be changed?
  • Do you have brand equity as compared to a generic product?
  • What will you do to establish/re-establish brand loyalty?

10) Promotion
a) Advertising Strategy

  • Comparative?
  • Lifestyle? Reminder? Pioneering?

b) Advertising Form (Media schedule)

  • TV?
  • Print?
  • Radio?
  • Billboard?
  • Direct Mail?
  • Guerilla tactics?
  1. c) Use of sponsorship?
  2. d) Use of celebrity endorsements?
  3. e) Charitable affiliations?
  4. f) Public Relations/Publicity?
  5. g) Lobbying?


The question, from marketing is a plan preparation which requires making a plan or a recommendation about whether or not a company is doing well. One of the conditions is to select a company which belongs to hospitality industry such as hotel, restaurant, theme park, cruise line, etc. Various factors such as target audience, branding strategy, promotion, etc need to be taken into consideration while preparing the recommendation report.

Total Word Count 1251

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