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Marketing Question Packaging and Labeling (The Aluminum Can)


Explain why the packaging and labeling of products are important aspects of the Marketing Mix.

Short case study

The Aluminum Can

The aluminum can has had a life of nearly 200 years, but its days might now be numbered in an environmentally sensitive world. New formats are now widely available including plastic pots, flexible pouches and easy-fill cartons. Tomatoes have traditionally been packed in tins, but Sainsbury’s repackaged into Tetra Recart cartons. Cartons have a long shelf life, up to 24 months, can carry promotional messages and are efficient to handle within the supply chain. The can has fought back, with easy-open ring-pulls and new shapes, but the trend appears to suggest that it will be the newer alternative packaging formats that will win through, as customers often prefer them. Cans have increasingly developed a down market image, not helped by featuring strongly in supermarket own-label low-priced economy lines, whereas cartons have a more modern, quality image.



The essay in marketing deals with marketing mix, particularly packaging and labeling. The important role played by packaging and labeling is discussed. A small case study about aluminum can has been given. The present market scenario about how aluminum cans as against better and cheaper plastic and pet bottles and the future of aluminum cans has been discussed in the case study as well.

Total word count is 2885.

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