Marketing Planning Report


•    A model of marketing planning with brief explanation of its stages and comments on the limitations of such models
•    The importance and scope of internal AND external audits and how they affect markets and organizations
•    The SWOT and TOWS process and how it can be used to develop strategy
•    The segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) process
•    The key strategies in relation to market growth and competitive positioning
•    The need for differentiated  marketing mixes (4/7Ps); you do not have to describe the mix in detail but you should illustrate your answer with mix variables for either:
o    fashion/casual clothing for teenagers vs formal clothing for older middle class people OR The SAME PRODUCT in two different markets or countries
•    structure, presentation and flow


The assignment in Marketing deals with Planning Report. Marketing plan is very crucial task in marketing. Marketing plan helps in determining the tastes and preferences of people in the market and it also helps the manufacture to concentrate on certain bracket of population to which the product is directed. 

Total word count is 3998


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