Marketing Plan for International Entry


You must prepare a written analysis on the international marketing strategy of the Q & M Dental Group company. In your role as the international marketing manager of the selected company, write a report for the following two tasks:

1.      Evaluate international marketing situations that may affect the company's strategies.
2.      Construct an international marketing plan for the company.

In preparing this report, describe the current strategies of the selected enterprise in the world market and give an assessment of the relevance of these strategies given the present and likely future developments in the industry. The paper should first develop an analytical framework from the relevant literature on strategic marketing as applied to the international process and then test the value of the framework in an empirical setting by examining the behaviour of a firm active in international markets.

In evaluating the strategies employed (e.g. exporting, licensing, franchising, joint ventures, direct investment, acquisitions; etc.) it is important to support you argument with data and documentary evidence.

Company Name in Singapore - Q & M Dental Group
Website Address:
References - Use Harvard Referencing  


The question belongs to Marketing and it is about international marketing strategy for a Dental Group company. As an international marketing manager, you have to submit a report which includes an evaluation of the international marketing situations and prepare an international plan for the company. The company is based out of Singapore and as part of international venture plans to enter into the Chinese market and thus the marketing plan has been prepared.

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