Marketing Exercise Pretend to be a Real Estate Agent


A pretend exercise

Try to be Mr. Ngang’s Real estate agent (A pretend exercise only, you do not need to have any real-estate work experience or background)  

  • You are a real estate broker. Please write a short paragraph using Microsoft Word to describe your qualifications, your experience, your success rate, etc., and why you are the best choice to sell Mr. N’s house. Save this file with the name “Your lastname Real Estate” e.g., Ngang Real Estate. (Complete file name will be “Ngang Real Estate.doc” or  “Ngang Real Estate.docx”)   
  • Try to sell Mr. N’s house
  • Using Microsoft Excel, create a document to show the details of the house on sale, e.g. square footage in feet, plot size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of floors, etc. Use a table format to list this information. Save this file with the name “House Specs”. (Complete file name will be “House Specs.xls” or  “House Specs.xlsx”)    
  • Using Microsoft Paint, create a drawing of a house, not a floor plan (you may draw the house of your dreams, but you are not being tested on your artistic skills, just your computer skills) representing the house on the market. Save this file with the name “The House”. (Complete file name will be “The House.png”)   
  • The presentation
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint put together a short presentation including all the information in this project. Your Word file (Lastname Real Estate) may make up a few slides, the Excel file (House Specs) another slide, and the Paint file (The House) another slide. All in all, you should have no fewer than five slides, and no more than 10 slides. Save this (PPT) file with the name “The Presentation”. (Complete file name will be “The Presenatation.ppt” or “The Presenatation.pptx”)    
  • Save all your work, i.e., all the files - Word, Excel, Paint and the PPT file in a folder named “Lastname_Firstname_Project”    
  • Create a zipped file (compressed folder) {Tip: Right-click any open space in a folder or on the desktop, click on “New”, scroll down and select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder” OR Right-click the Project folder (Lastname_Firstname_Project) and select “Send to Compressed (Zipped) Folder”}.    
  • Make sure to name the zipped folder exactly as your project folder, i.e. your Lastname_Firstname_Project. Copy the project folder (if you did not use the “Send to Compressed (Zipped) Folder method) into the zipped folder.


The question belongs to Marketing and it is pretend exercise. In this exercise, you need to imagine yourself to be a real estate agent and need to write a short paragraph about your experience in the real estate business and it should be very convincing. You’ll also need to prepare an excel sheet with value of the house and a powerpoint presentation about all the above mentioned details.

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