Marital Law Religious Marriage over Customary Marriage


Religious versus customary marriages

I was married under customary law in 1989 and blessed with three children. In 2004, my husband wanted to marry a second wife while still married to me, to which I had no objection. He celebrated a Christian marriage with this new woman and had two more children. We lived in harmony as all of us were well maintained by my husband. In 2008 my husband died without a will and the brother of my husband was appointed as administrator. After the burial ceremony, much to my surprise, the administrator disinherited me and my children and all properties of my husband were given to the 2nd wife and her children. I was told that my marriage with the deceased was not legally recognized and the Christian marriage with the 2nd wife was superior to the customary marriage. Is this true? How do I fight for my rights? Am I not a wife of the deceased to whom I have been married longer than the second wife? Please advice. – MM, Dar I don’t know who to sue I own a piece of unsurveyed land in Dar es Salaam. I have recently found ‘fundis’ constructing a wall on my land under instructions of the man who they simply referred to as their boss. My efforts to identify the alleged boss and his whereabouts have so far been futile. What should I do in the situation whereby the fundis are speeding up construction and I have no clue who to take to task? – TB, Dar

Maintenance of pregnancy
I am a 20 year old woman who had an affair with a man for the past six months before we broke up. Two months after separation I found out that I was pregnant. When I approached the man for maintenance of the child he refused and said that the child is not his. After finding out that I was pregnant, I was also fired by my employer where I worked as a house girl. Do I have any legal recourse against the man considering I am not legally married to him and the baby is still unborn? – LM, Lushoto

Effective vis a vis date of contract
I signed a contract in June 2009 and started performing my duties as a supplier under the contract. I completed my work in August 2009 only to be told that the commencement date of the contract was not June 2009. In the vast experience that I have, it comes to me as a great surprise how such a large company has misbehaved. Does such a provision in a contract make sense to you? – GG, Dar


These questions belong to Law and they are about grievances and the laws that are there to provide justice to the grieved. These laws include marital laws, laws concerned with live in relationships, contracts and law related to land possession.

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