Managing Quality Customer Service With Example Of Royal Melbourne Hospital


Task 1
Review your induction processes for new team members regarding quality customer service in your  department. Provide a checklist of areas that need to be covered.
Task 2.
1. Look at your organization's or department's Customer Service guidelines,  policies, procedures and quality assurance standards. On the basis of current documentation, conduct an audit over the previous 6 months of your Department's compliance with organizational procedures.
2. Develop a checklist to assist you to demonstrate that you have identified and  covered all the relevant areas. Ensure that you include quality standards relating to standards that are to be achieved, before, during and after sales or service.
• Identify any critical incidents that may have occurred
• Highlight any outstanding examples of customer service that occurred during the 6 month period
• Were there any changes as a result of these critical incidents or examples of outstanding customer service that occurred?
3.Call a team meeting to discuss the results of your findings from the Customer Service audit. If you have analyzed the data and thought about ideas on how to handle any issues raised, keep them to yourself for the moment,and listen to what the team has to say.
4. In a table, place 3 columns
• In the first column identify the problem/incident/gap
• What were your initial solutions?
• What did the team see as the solution?
• What solutions will you finally adopt?
Identify how you will communicate your strategy to the team.
• Which actions require urgent attention?
5. Develop a plan to monitor and improve the provision of customer services and  products across your organization or business unit over the next 6-12 months, incorporating the strategies and processes you developed earlier. Include:
• rationale
• feedback and consultation strategies
• resource development and procurement
• processes for problem solving and adjustments
• evaluation, reporting and recording mechanisms
• links to your organization's strategic plan
• ethical considerations such as privacy
Task 3
When you conducted the skills audit, you identified two (2) members of your team who require coaching  and mentoring to be able to perform the tasks associated with quality customer service. In particular, both of these people regard Customer Service as a 'waste of space'
• What coaching and mentoring techniques will assist the two team members  to improve quality customer service in your department?
• Outline how you plan to align the coaching and mentoring of the two staff members with the general improvement plan over the next 6-12 months.

Please highlight the milestones or benchmarks you would expect them to achieve as you work on your continuous improvement strategy for customer service.
• What reward/celebration have you planned to recognize the efforts of your team as you work to improve your quality customer service?


The questions belong to Operations Management. The questions are about Managing Quality Customer Service. Here the example of The Royal Melbourne Hospital has been taken as an example. Defining quality is an important factor is vital for implementing quality parameters in an organization. With companies expanding into global markets, quality has become one of the crucial areas for most organizations. The solution has a detailed explanation about managing quality customer service.

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