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Recommendations for Nokia India CEO on Product Recall

Question What recommendations would you make to Nokia India’s CEO on the issue of product recall and why? Summary This question belongs to management and discusses about recommendations for Nokia India’s CEO on product recall. Word count: 958   ... Read More

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Nokia India Case Study

Question Take the position of Dhariwal in Nokia India: What is your role in a product recall situation? With whom would you be communicating/coordinating to execute this role? Assess Nokia India’s handling of the battery recall: What aspects of the recall do you think were handled well? Wh ... Read More

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Benefits and Challenges of Effective Supplier Relationship Management

Question SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Buyers generally realise that they must know as much as possible about their key suppliers – products, key input materials, their suppliers, responsible personnel, production methods, quality systems, IT systems, finances and profitability, strategic ... Read More

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Importance of Linkages Between Problem Solving and Decision Making

Question PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING Decision making and problem solving are two key management functions.  Managers at all levels face problems daily and must decide what to do about them.  In fact many consider that problem solving and decision making are the primary work of th ... Read More

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Research on Sustainable Supply Chains

Question SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAINS Most people by now are aware that the Earth is facing significant environmental challenges as a result of human activity and waste disposal and that there is a need to somehow reverse these trends.  This is the concept of sustainability.  Sustainability ... Read More

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Value of Budgeting for Organizations

Question ‘I don’t need a budget; I run my own business so it’s all in my head. Bothering with a budget would just be a waste of time and money!’ Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? Discuss the value of budgeting for organisations of all sizes and types in term ... Read More

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Impact of Hurricane Sandy on American Express Company

Question Research the event Hurricane Sandy and write a report on its overall impact on business. Summary This question belongs to risk management and discusses about research on Hurricane Sandy. Word count: 1851   ... Read More

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Individual and Group Ways of Accomplishing Goals

Question One course goal was to learn how we can work productively with others who may differ in significant ways, opening ourselves to understanding individual and group identities, and individuals’ and group’s ways of accomplishing goals. Discuss what you have learned.  &nbs ... Read More

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Analysis of Four Key Flows in Supply Chain

Question Select a manufacturer that you are familiar with and assume that you are the supply chain manager of this organization, analyse the four key flows (in the supply chain), the make process, and the distribution plan. Recommend improvements by applying the theories and concepts found in supp ... Read More

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Weber Ideal Bureaucracy

Question Drawing from the case study, “Why Didn’t They Stop Him?”, thoroughly discuss two strengths and two weaknesses of Weber’s Ideal Bureaucracy in the model’s application to the case. In a detailed discussion, compare Henry Fayol’s central premise of organ ... Read More

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Review of The Rise of the Bureaucratic State

Question Review J.Q. Wilson’s article, “The Rise of the Bureaucratic State” and the power point.  Then develop an essay in which you discuss his chronicle of federal regulatory activities from the 1800s to the 1960s within the contexts of two (2) federalism models, which you ... Read More

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Anthony Downs Theory of Bureaucratic Behaviour

Question a) Explain Anthony Downs’ theory of bureaucratic behaviour, which he presents in his book, Inside Bureaucracy. b) Think of examples, which illustrate 2 of the bureaucratic types he uses in his bureaucratic typology. c) Explain the usefulness of his typology for contemporary managem ... Read More

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