Management Scenario Analysis: Family Business is Growing


USP Vision is a family business based in Prague operating in the audio-visual post-production industry. They are very successful company and have experienced in the last two years strong expansion of its Business Function and a physical increase to the organization, from a single office to a multi site organization (London and L.A). There are two owners Bob and Martin. Bob is an outgoing person and does not care about the business operations; all he wants is to get rich. Martin is focused more on developing the actual business. Both of them are in Prague. In total there are 15 people working in the organization. Ten people work in the main office in Prague. Three people work in London and another two work in L.A. The organization of the company is simple. Being a small organization Martin and Bob are in charge of everything. For example they have a Marketing Director, however, Bob tries to control everything and he changes strategies whenever he wants to. In reality, there are no specific job titles and roles within the company. There is simple organization structure - owners and then others. The owners are using information as power. The key employees are not motivated and they are thinking of leaving the organization mainly due to increasing bureaucracy, lack of responsibility as well as lack of communication. The owners feel overloaded by work and the increasing number of conflicts with employees.


•    As external Business Consultants you have been appointed by USP Vision to discuss, evaluate and recommend how an organization can benefit by the use of different structures, organizational cultures in order to motivate the employees and make the company profitable again.
•    Your task is to advise the changes needed in areas of an organizational culture, structure, leadership, motivating employees and in order to match the current trends (e.g. learning organizational culture).
•    Suggest the most suitable solutions to the main problems mentioned and justify your suggestions.


The question belongs to Management and it is about a scenario of family business of audio-video post production house in Prague. The owners of the business want to start offices in new locations, one in London and the other in LA. The company is suffering with dissatisfied employees and the owners are feeling the workload. Measures have been suggested in the solution.

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