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Consider the following scenario:

Today, many organizations and managers face new challenges on a daily basis. One critical aspect of the skills that managers lack is planning. You have been asked by your manager to conduct a preliminary search of recommending the two most common types of contemporary planning techniques—project management and scenario planning. Using the library and other credible sources, respond to the following questions regarding the two techniques:

  • Compare and contrast project management and scenario planning techniques with particular emphasis on the implications of the techniques for the manager and the organization.
  • Which technique better aligns to your workplace? Why?
  • Explain why the other technique would not work in your workplace.
  • What steps would you recommend your manager take to implement the planning technique you chose?

Make sure the slides of the PowerPoint Presentation are short and concise and the speaker notes are in-depth via paragraph formats.


This question is about the importance of planning in management. The solution is in the form of Powerpoint presentation with detailed and in-depth speaker notes. The solution discusses about new and contemporary techniques of planning.


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