Management Information Systems Case Study Going Abroad


Going Abroad With Engineers

You supervise 12 engineers. Their formal training and work experience are very similar, so you move them around on different projects. Yesterday, your manager informed you that an overseas affiliate has requested four engineers to go abroad on extended loan for six to eight months. For a number of reasons, he argued and you agreed, this request should be met from your group.

All your engineers are capable of handling this assignment: from the standpoint of present and future projects there is no special reason anyone engineer should be retained over any other. Somewhat complicating the situation is the fact that the overseas assignment is in a generally undesirable location.


1, How would you select who should go abroad on extended loan?
2. What are some major factors that would influence your decision process?
3.  How would you communicate the news to those engineers selected for the assignment?
4.  What would you do if any of the engineers requested not to be sent overseas?

Source:  Victor H, Vroom, "A New Look at Managerial Decision Making,"
Organizational  Dynamics, Spring 1973


The assignment in management information system deals with a case study on Going Abroad. An engineering supervisor has to send some of the equally qualified engineers working under him abroad for a project which can extend up to eight months. As a supervisor, you have to decide who would handle the project well and what might be considered.

Total word count is 1002


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