Management Enterprise System


Organizations tend to organize their working areas by function, e.g. production, warehouse, sales and marketing, etc.  Business processes occur across these functional groups requiring considerable cooperation between functional groups in order for the organization to work in an efficient and effective manner.  This is particularly so in geographically dispersed companies.  In more recent times Enterprise Systems (ES) have been developed to support the cross-functional nature of business processes and it is claimed ES ‘are essential to the efficient and effective execution and management of business process.

Your task in this assignment is to:

  • Discuss the advantages of functional structure of the traditional organization and the challenges that structure presents for the cross-functional nature of business processes.
  • Explain the nature and purpose of an Enterprise Systems.
  • Using the flow/use of the organizational data, discuss in some depth how an ES may facilitate the integration of business processing across the following functional areas:
  1. Financial accounting,
  2. Procurement,
  3. Fulfillment,
  4. Production, and
  5. Inventory and Warehouse management.


The assignment is about Enterprise Systems which are large scale software packages and information systems which handle complex transactions and reports in a large organization. In other words, implementing an Enterprise System is automation of business. Not all organizations require the same type of enterprise system. While some organizations might require some features, others might need some other features and hence, there is no standard as to what comprises an enterprise system. Questions about the enterprise system and organization structure have been answered in the solution.

Total word count is 2749.

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