Management Analysis Report Questions


1.    ‘Control is just a technique improvised by managers who are power hungry, with domineering personalities and who love coercing people to do what they want.’ Discuss this statement by giving your opinion on the following.

  • What is organizational control?
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of organizational control?
  • Can organizations survive without control? If yes? Why? If no? Why?

2.    Discuss & explain why there is generally a high staff turnover in the Hospitality industry.  What are the costs involved & what actions would you recommend be taken to help reduce staff turnover. What considerations should underlie the recruitment & selections of staff? Outline the basic stages in a planned & systematic approach to staff recruitment. Discuss to what extent the basic stage of recruitment and selection are followed within the hospitality industry by using a specific hospitality organization of your choice.
3.    Discuss the effectiveness of the following concepts in motivation – ensure you give applied examples :

  • Positive reinforcement?
  • Negative reinforcement?
  • Punishment?
  • Extinction?

4.    Compare & contrast the three levels of management. Do technological advances impact on both strategy and structure? If so how?
5.    Discuss 2 arguments for social responsibility and 2 arguments against social responsibility.
6.    List the 3 reasons, and a short explanation of each reason, giving examples, why management development is an important focus.


These questions belong to Management and range from control of managers, concepts of motivation, levels of management, high staff turnover issue, social responsibility of businesses and importance of management development. Each of the questions have been answered in detail.

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