Management Accounting System and Challenges Faced By Strategic Management Accountants


1. RBC Ltd provides corporate training in computer software programs. RBC Ltd has a simple business structure with several departments including sales, training delivery, course development, administration (including accounting) and technical support. The management accounting system collects data for each department and this is reported monthly to the manager of the department and the general manager.

Which one of the following statements best reflects the current structure of RBC Ltd’s management accounting system (MAS)?

A. The MAS is structured to collect and present information in relation to activities in the entity’s value chain.

B. The MAS is an independent system that complements the management information system by providing information on each responsibility centre.

C. The MAS may support performance measurement, asset management, business controls, financial management and quality management.

D. The MAS is based on a responsibility centre type structure that focuses on organizational functions rather than processes.

2.  Which one of the following statements does not describe a significant challenge faced by strategic management accountants in successfully performing their role?

A. Ensuring systematic and effective controls are in place to safeguard data and information

B. Collecting and reporting external information to support innovation and strategic decision making.

C. Supporting innovation and value creation by making significant investments in technology.

D. Developing systems that effectively manage and measure intangible assets.


These multiple choice questions belong to Corporate Strategy and the 1st question is about management accounting system and the 2nd question is about the challenges faced by strategic management accountants in performing their role.

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