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You need to complete the following request set by a fictitious professor.

Dear student,

I've been struck down by a debilitating illness that has rendered me unable to work or dispense statistical advice. Unfortunately, the evaluation of QPS’s Party Safe program is due shortly and I need you to write up some sections. This was the evaluation commissioned by QPS to examine the effectiveness of their Party Safe program’s new noise reduction strategy. They identified a number of registered Party Safe events in which they issued noise meters to the hosts in hopes that noise complaints would decrease. Our task was to tell them whether the number of noise complaints different between those parties where the new strategy was utilized, compared to those parties where it was not. All I have been able to compile is the Interpretation section of the report. Can you write the Description, Methods, and Results findings, please? I've copied what I have below, so just make sure it fits in. You are already well versed in writing the Description section, so I don't need to explain this. As for the Methods section, the main point is to convince the reader you have used the most appropriate technique for answering the research question, given the data at hand. In other words, you need to justify the particular technique used. This typically involves restating the research question but in a more abstract form (e.g., as we compared four groups, an ANOVA was used...). Also, make sure you make comment on the assumptions the technique requires to be valid. You might include descriptive statements in the Description section, but you'll need to comment in the Methods section to justify why such a technique was chosen. The Results section is straightforward: you simply report the statistical findings generated by SPSS. Please report this in a form consistent with APA. While QPS probably don't mind how we report it, it is good form to be consistent and they do send reports out for expert review, so let's write this as if we where writing for a journal. The evaluation is due 8:00am Monday of Week 10. If we (by we, I mean you) don't deliver on time, QPS will commence proceedings for breach of contract! Pray for a speedy recovery....

Existing Paragraphs

Research Question QPS’s new Party Safe intervention strategy has anecdotal support, but there is a lack of empirical evidence to justify its widespread adoption. The focus of this evaluation is to establish whether a pilot study provides evidence to support further investment in the noisereductions strategy. The research question we sought to address was: Is there a difference in the number of noise complains associated with Party Safe events where hand-held noise metres were given to party hosts compared to those events where registered hosts were not given similar devises?

Data <your paragraph needs to go here>

Methods <your paragraph needs to go here>

Results <your paragraph needs to go here>

Conclusions Results of the evaluation suggest that, on average, the number of noise complaints associated with Party Safe events where hosts were provided hand-held noise meters is significantly lower than the number of noise complaints associated with events where hosts were not given similar devises. The observed difference suggests that QPS’s new Party Safe intervention strategy should be implemented throughout Queensland.



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