Make Plan And Report For Redevelopment Of Hospital


“Midlands Healthcare” is a privately owned healthcare network with over 40 private hospitals across your country. Midlands Healthcare’s mission is to bring together the best people, building facilities and equipment in order to establish excellent clinical environments and deliver the highest quality patient care. Hence, they continuously invest in hospital building facilities and equipment with the Vision to be the best private healthcare provider across the country that provides their patients a high quality healthcare. Midlands Healthcare’s healthcare facilities are predominantly based in urban residential and commercial areas. As part of their continuous improvement of healthcare services, they are now planning to redevelop/expand one of their existing healthcare facilities and construct another new facility in a much similar location. The purpose of the redevelopment and new development is to address the most pressing need of expansion of private referral hospital to allow additional clinical services and additional volume for acute care services. A summary of the tentative plan for the proposed project is as follows:

(1) Redevelopment of the existing building facility: The £60 million worth redevelopment provides a new, contemporary frontage for the high profile site. The project scope comprises of new front entry, two new operation theatres, two new cafes, 200 new inpatient beds including maternity, oncology and rehabilitation, catheter laboratory. The refurbishment of a number of existing spaces for emergency department, administration and support services will also form part of the redevelopment.

(2) New construction: The £200 million worth new development provides an acute care hospital on a greenfield parcel of an urban area in your country. The facility will contain 500 beds with “shelled-in space” (a space constructed to meet future needs) to facilitate future growth to 700 beds. The development comprises of four main blocks: a block for continuing care and rehabilitation and outpatient programmes; a block for inpatient services comprising of complex operation theatres, patient bedrooms, administration and other support services; a block for emergency care, ambulatory clinics, maternal/child services and adult mental health; a block with space for 3000 car parking.

  1. 2 Other key issues
  • Midlands Healthcare is experienced in new developments, but not much in redevelopment of existing buildings facilities.
  • Midlands Healthcare is highly concerned about possible project delays in the new development, but has some flexibility in the completion time of the redevelopment project. Rapid construction is a critical requirement of the new development project.
  • Midlands Healthcare is highly concerned about overrun of costs beyond their budgeted allowances for both redevelopment and new projects. Price certainty is most important. The final price is required to be known as nearly as possible, at the outset. Value for money is also a key consideration.
    · Quality of the buildings is very important to the Client, as their reputation largely relies on that, in addition to the quality of their healthcare services. Hence, the Client is very passionate about the aesthetics of their buildings and providing high quality buildings across all (re)developments. The above described redevelopment will be used as an opportunity to improve the quality of the existing healthcare buildings. A special emphasis is to be placed on the quality of the new development project.
  • Complexity is a significant issue in the new development project.
  1. 3 Requirements of task Assume that you have been appointed as the main consultant to the Client of the above described project. As a part of your role, you are now required to prepare a report to the Client to advise on the most appropriate procurement route(s) for the proposed redevelopment and new development project. You are required to make necessary
    assumptions about the location of the proposed project and the local conditions based on the
    location of the campus you are currently studying (e.g. Edinburgh/Dubai/Malaysia/Singapore etc.)

The report should address the following issues:

  1. Analysis of the key procurement issues that the Client has to consider in selecting an appropriate procurement route for the project. This should include a review of Client’s objectives for the (re)development project as described above. Please ensure you clearly identify any assumptions that you have made.



The question belongs to Architectural Engineering and it discusses about creating a plan and making a report for redevelopment of a hospital.

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