Linear Programming Benders' Decomposition


You need to describe the problem considered for your project and propose a model and/or solution approach for solving the problem using decomposition techniques discussed in class, i.e., Benders’ decomposition, Lagrangian decomposition, and/or Cross decomposition. Ideally, the project could be based on an industrial application. For industrial projects the emphasis should be given on the problem statement and a mathematical model developed, as those might be relatively difficult to accomplish. If you do not have an industrial project, you may want to select a problem from a published journal. For the journal selected project you are expected to present a model of the problem and a solution procedure. Make attempt to consider alternatives while proposing design solutions, show the benefits and pitfalls of each alternative, and use visualization tools to demonstrate the results.

A list of journals you may want to consider for your project includes Computers & Industrial
Engineering, IIE Transactions, International Journal of Industrial Engineering, Journal of
Manufacturing Systems, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Intelligent
Manufacturing, Expert Systems with Applications, Computers & Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research, etc


The question belongs to Computer Science and the question is about study of the impact on the optimal objective functional value of linear programming by using Benders’ decomposition. Benders’ decomposition is used to solve optimization related problems. It breaks down big problems into smaller ones and the results obtained are much more efficient. The solution further explains the application of Benders’ decomposition.

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