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GST Considerations and Affects of GST on Contracts

Question 1a)  Bridgette owns and runs a small licensed (alcohol) café. Her refrigerator broke down and she contacted an old client and friend of hers, Eddie (electrician) to repair it. Eddie’s normal charge-out rate is $100 per hour and it took 2 .75 hours to repair ($275) but ins ... Read More

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Regulatory Framework of Oz Bank Ltd to Engage in a Banking Business

Question A consortium of investors proposes to form a bank that will operate throughout Australia. The new entity will be a public company operating under the name, Oz Bank Ltd.   Oz Bank Ltd will offer the same range of services and products as other major trading banks in Australia. R ... Read More

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Legal Position of Jill in Respect of Nova’s Bank Ltd Actions

Question Jill is about to open accounts with Nova Bank Ltd (‘Nova’) in Melbourne, and requests a savings account and a credit card facility. Currently, she has a credit card account with Elbe Bank, and a personal, unsecured loan of $2,000 from Aspen Finance Ltd. As part of the procedu ... Read More

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Consequences of the ‘Veil of Incorporation’ Being Lifted for Insolvent Trading

Question One of the main ways in which the ‘veil of incorporation’ can be lifted is when directors breach their duties.  This essay question is set around the duty to prevent insolvent trading.  Read the following scenario and answer BOTH parts (questions) at the end OHS Sol ... Read More

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Business Law Case Studies and to Find Negligence Associated with Contract Law

Question Using IRAC, show how the following common law cases may be analysed in order to understand the principles of law developed in a case and how they are then applied to similar fact situations. Donoghue v Stevenson 1930 - (commonly called the ‘snail in the bottle case’) – ... Read More

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Directors Breach of Duties Under Corporations Act 2001 and General Law

Question David,  Evan  and  Frank  are  directors  of  WaterSuperFun  Pty  Ltd  (WSF).  WSF  specialises in opening and operating water theme parks around Australia. David  and Evan each own 40% of the company and Frank owns 20%. One ... Read More

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Government Passing Rules To Enforce On New Buildings

Question 1. Halfren, a county in the state of Halizona, is extremely earthquake-prone. The governor of Halizona set up a committee to study the effects of past earthquakes on Halfren and the possible methods that could be used to minimize future damages and fatalities. The committee found that a ne ... Read More

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What Libel And Slander Constitute

Question 1. The _______ requires that government statutes, ordinances, regulations, and other laws be clear and not overly broad in scope. a. Procedural due processb. Substantive due processc. Intermediate scrutiny testd. Rational scrutiny test   2. Libel and slander constitute _________ a ... Read More

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What Is A Closely Guarded Formula Called

Question 1. A closely guarded formula for a recipe protected by a soft drink manufacturer would be considered an example of a ______. a. Copyrightb. Patentc. Trademarkd. Trade secret   2. A(n) ______ is a charge of having committed a crime, usually a felony, based on the judgment of a grand ... Read More

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What Is Fraudulent Creation Or Alteration Of Documents Called

Question 1. The fraudulent creation or alteration of a written document that affects the legal liability of another person is called _______. a. Extortionb. Larcenyc. Embezzlementd. Forgery   2. Michael opens an online store where people from all over the world can purchase and download iPh ... Read More

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What Should A Promissory Note Contain To Make It Negotiable

Question 1. Which of the following must a promissory note contain to make it negotiable? a. Acknowledgement of debt b. Implied promise to pay c. Unconditional affirmative to pay d. Promise to negotiate   2. If a person employs an architect to design the layout of his or her home, it woul ... Read More

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What Are The Advantage Of Employer In Offering Workers’ Compensation

Question 1. Harrison hires an agent to look for a three-bedroom house in Atlanta. Elaine, the agent, finds a three-bedroom house within Harrison's budget, but buys it herself without informing Harrison. This is an instance of the agent's ______. a. Self-dealing b. Conflict of interest with the pr ... Read More

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