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CARDWARE vs. Petunia Defenses Case Study

Question CARDWARE is growing by leaps and bounds. It has now opened 10 new stores nationwide under the name “The Sporty One.” It has been agreed by the Board of Directors at CARDWARE Inc. that each store shall have a general manager and assistant manager who both were to act as sales pe ... Read More

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Workplace Law Breach of Contracts

Question Anna used to earn $150000 per annum, paid fortnightly.  As a photographer, she worked with Max, producer and director of Creative Juices Pty. Ltd.  Creative Juices began operation in 1996 with only Max and Anna, and saw $2 million gross profit last year.  Anna enjoyed taking ... Read More

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Drug Laws and its Effects on Criminal Justice Based on Drug Policy

Question Write an article about drug laws and its effects in Colorado. Summary: This question is related to article writing and discusses about drug laws and its effects in Colorado region. Total word count: 404   ... Read More

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Commercial Bank of Australia Vs Mr. and Mrs. Amadio Case Study

Question Read the case study and answer the given questions: Mr. and Mrs. Amadio were immigrants to Australia of Italian birth, had a relatively poor command of English and limited business experience they were induced by their son Vincenzo to sign a mortgage over property they owned to secure loa ... Read More

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Monarch Associates Vs Vladir Unlimited Case Study

Question Monarch Associates, a U.S. computer parts manufacturer, entered into a joint venture with a Russian computer technology company, Vladir Unlimited. The joint venture agreement was signed by both parties but created by Vladir and had an arbitration clause that called for all legal and nonleg ... Read More

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Women Shoe Business Expansion

Question COMPANIES AND BUSINESS PLANNING Mary is the owner of a very successful business selling women's shoes. Mary's business is expanding rapidly and she wants to update her business structure from that of sole trader to a more appropriate structure. She seeks the advice of her accountant who t ... Read More

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Legal Nature of Companies and Legal Rights of Employees

Question THE LEGAL NATURE OF COMPANIES Myra is the only shareholder and director of Kids Clothes Pty Ltd (Kids Clothes) which makes cheap children's clothing. The company has 10 employees. In the past Kids Clothes had operated profitably, however since 2011 it has been running at a loss. In July 2 ... Read More

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Issues and Legislations Relevant to Income Taxation Cases 

Question Explain why the payment to the taxpayer in FCT v Dixon (1952) 86 CLR 540 was assessable income but the payment in Scott v FCT (1966) 117 CLR 514 was not. In your answer you should include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following: A brief statement in your own words of the fact ... Read More

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Issues and Sections of Legislation of Tax Position to Nigel Case

Question Nigel is a professional percussionist and performs with a number of bands and orchestras. In order to practice, he set aside a special room in his house that is soundproof and contains a variety of electronic sound equipment. The room is used only for practice or performance related purpos ... Read More

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Taxation of Compensation Amount Received by Chevron Ltd Due to Furniture Damages

Question Fine Furniture Supplies is in the business of leasing and selling Oasis Furniture imported from Sweden. In January 2012, Fine Furniture entered into a contract with Chevron Ltd, a furniture retailer, to supply Oasis furniture over a period of two years. The agreement provided for a fixed p ... Read More

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Australian Corporations Law Dealing with Corporate Groups in the Context of the Doctrine

Question “Increasingly over the last 30 years, the development of complex corporate groups has facilitated the opportunity to move assets between companies in that group. The main issue with corporate groups is that they operate, very often, as an integrated single entity, despite the fact th ... Read More

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Implications of FBT and Income Tax Deductions

Question 1.a) You have been approached by a Robin Hood, a client (law firm) who employs around 80 staff and as a result of a successful year, in recognising the efforts of staff is considering holding a luncheon (and will be for the entire afternoon on the Friday of September 20th 2013 (could be ei ... Read More

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