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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fresh Ltd strategies to Raise Finance for Expansion

Question Fresh Ltd (Fresh) needs to raise finance for the expansion of its fresh food business. It is considering two options: a public issue of redeemable preference shares; and a loan from Strategic Finance Ltd (Strategic). If it proceeds with option (b), Strategic requires Fresh to provid ... Read More

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Legal Forms of Doing a Business in South Australia

Question Legal Forms of Doing Business You have decided to open a hamburger restaurant in South Australia. The location of your restaurant can be decided by you but it must be in South Australia.  You can also decide on your own name for your hamburger restaurant but you need first to de ... Read More

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Legal Obligations and Liabilities of Staff of Hamburger Restaurant

Question Employing Staff Your Burger Restaurant is now open.  It has been operating for 3 months. You have employed a number of staff. Ben: Hamburger Super Chef – He is a permanent employee. Carol – Casual waiting staff Donna – Casual waiting staff Eddie – Casual ... Read More

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Legal Obligations Relating to High Turnover of Customers in the Hamburger Restaurant

Question Dealing with customers Your burger restaurant is very, very busy and you have a high turnover of customers in the restaurant. Things are going very well. Your “Aussie Burger” with its special sauce is the most popular one on the menu.  One Sunday when you were not in, an ... Read More

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Legal Business Structure Currently Operating by Rachel and Stacey in Melbourne

Question Rachel and Stacey operate a busy café in Melbourne’s inner east.  They have been running the business together for 5 years and share profits equally. As the years progress, Rachel and Stacey notice that they do not have enough working capital to keep the café runn ... Read More

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Case Law or Statutory Civil Liability of the Directors of Vintage Dress in Relation to Breach of Contract Act

Question Tavid, Suzan and Dilara are the only shareholders and directors of Vintage Wedding Dress Boutique Pty Ltd (Vintage Dress) which sew and sell vintage boutique dresses.  Tavid, Suzan and Dilara each have one-third equal share in Vintage Dress.  You should note the following regard ... Read More

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Leo Rights as a Shareholder/Member of Thomas The Tank Engine Pty Ltd

Question Leo purchased two shares in Thomas The Tank Engine Pty Ltd for $500,000.  Thomas The Tank Engine Pty Ltd makes and builds trains which they manufacture and sell to retail stores.  Leo, now a non-executive director of Thomas The Tank Engine Pty Ltd, is unhappy with the state of af ... Read More

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Corporations Act Notice Procedures Regarding Shareholders Meeting

Question The Corporations Act provides notice procedures when a company calls a shareholders meeting. What are these notice procedures?  The Corporations Act also provides, that if these notices procedures are not followed strictly and there is no “substantial injustice”, the effec ... Read More

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How the Little Bank will be Able to Recover the Funds

Question Dylan is the registered proprietor of an old house on a large block. Dylan wants to build a substantial extension, so applies to Little Bank for a loan secured by a mortgage. The local manager of Little Bank advances the funds to Dylan, but the paperwork gets lost in a pile on his very mes ... Read More

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Legal Advice to Brigitta and  the Commission and Evo Pty Ltd

Question During January 2014, officers of the Commission fail to take any action under the Act when they discover that Brigitta, an Australian citizen who lives in Brisbane, has been buying large quantities of Methalin and storing it in a warehouse belonging to Evo Pty Ltd, a company of which Brigi ... Read More

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Legal Advice to Bell Ltd Director for Breach of Duties

Question Bell Ltd is a company that installs kitchen facilities, and has four directors on its board: - Abbey, the company’s managing director - Bob, the company’s chief financial officer - Cathy, the company’s non-executive director - David, the company’s non-executive ... Read More

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Legal Advices to Board of Directors of a Company that Faces Financial Difficulties

Question Assume you have been asked to give advice to some directors on the board of a company that has been experiencing years of financial difficulties. The business has been failing for some time and on a regular basis the board has been reviewing its strategies in order to stay afloat. On a num ... Read More

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