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Relationship between Martin and Chemical-Cosmetic Distributors

Question Frances Martin was employed by Chemical-Cosmetics Distributor to sell its products in a defined territory on a commission basis. Martin was not subject to strict hours of work, but signed a devotion to business agreement with Chemical-Cosmetics Distributor whereby she agreed to devote her ... Read More

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Binding Contract between Leila and Julie

Question Leila loses her gold chain and locket. She is very distressed and places an advertisement in the local news paper. “Lost! Gold locket and chain. Sentimental value. Reward of $50 for return of locket and chain. Phone 93838125, 1 Titanic Drive. Julie who has read the advertiseme ... Read More

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Breach of Contract by Edwin

Question Adam agreed to buy a 1925 Rolls Royce from Edwin, a dealer in vintage cars. They entered into a contract for the purchase of the car at an agreed price of $500000. Edwin subsequently refused to go through with the contract having heard on the grapevine that there was an Arabian Sheik on th ... Read More

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Offences by Three China Train Drivers have Committed under Singapore Law

Question Zhang, Wang and Chang, from China, are train drivers working in Singapore. Recently unhappy about their working hours and salaries, they decided to go on strike. In an effort to make the authorities succumb to their demands of better pay and shorter hours, they have roped in the other trai ... Read More

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Measure of Damages that could be Claimed against a Restaurant

Question Komola, a senior lawyer in a local /Singapore/ law firm, recently went to an Indian restaurant in Little India with her family. While dinning, she found in her vegetables the remains of a half-eaten lizard. She immediately choked on her food and, due to a bad heart condition, suffered a se ... Read More

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Legal Aspects of Corporate Finance

Question You work in the corporate finance department of Global Universal Bank Plc incorporated in the UK. Your department is engaged in a ‘price support operation’ on a series of notes issued by a special purchase vehicle (SPV) set up to purchase a pool of motor finance receivables iss ... Read More

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Breach of Contract and Claiming Liquidated Damages in Order to Compensate

Question Anne wanted to bring her husband and two children (5 and 7 years old) on a holiday in December. She went to her usual travel agency, Make It Happen Holidays Pte Ltd (MIHH), to make enquiries. She told them that she wanted a relaxing holiday package and emphasised that the resort must take ... Read More

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British Eagle International Air Lines Ltd vs. Nationale Air France-1975

Question In the case of British Eagle Airlines Ltd vs. Nationale Air France [1975] 1 WLR758, the house of Lords stated that “A contract under which the creditors agree to vary statutory rules governing distribution of a company’s assets in liquidation is contrary to public policy and vo ... Read More

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Legal Aspects on Murder of Marge by Homer Intentionally

Question During a heated argument with his wife —Marge- in their backyard, Homer punched Marge on her face. She fell down onto the swimming pool. Visibly angry, Homer left the house and went to Moe’s Tavern to drink some beer. Mr. Flanders, their next-door neighbour called an ambulance. ... Read More

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Legal Aspects on Analyzing the Committed the Crime of Assault by Fred

Question Fred is driving back home. He is sober, but he is speeding. While driving, he thinks about his last bowling game. Suddenly, Barney crosses the street at an intersection a few blocks from Fred’s house. Fred tries to stop the car, but he runs over Barney. Barney breaks his right leg. V ... Read More

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Analyzing Various Criminal Offences Including All the Elements

Question Analyze the definitional terms of the following offences, including all the elements of the crime. A person commits indecent exposure if, for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire, he exposes his genitals under circumstances in which he knows his conduct is likely to cause ... Read More

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Unethical Behaviour of Nurses to an Admitted Patient in Brisbane Hospital- Australia

Question Clare is a 20 year old female admitted to the emergency department of a large Brisbane hospital following a road accident in which she sustained trauma to her head and abdomen from impact with her bicycle handles.  She remained unconscious since the accident but her mother (Archana), ... Read More

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