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Remedies Against Company Refusing to Appoint Director

QuestionBill is the managing director and a member of Biomed Ltd. The constitution of Biomed Ltd provides, as follows:  "Bill shall be employed as Biomed Ltd's Chief Medical Officer for a period of five years after incorporation at a salary of $150,000 per annum." Bill informs you that ... Read More

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Discuss the Legal Procedure for Arresting a Suspect in Homicide Investigation

Question A 911 call is received in which a woman states she heard a gunshot from the townhouse next to hers. She is located at 233 Swann Drive. The townhouse from which the shot was heard is to the fight of hers. Before hearing the shot. she heard some arguing and shortly after she heard the door s ... Read More

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US Supreme Court reviewing cases and Jurisdiction for filing cases

Question 1. Andrew, an attorney, has a case that was recently heard by the United States Court of Appeals. He would like to have the United States Supreme Court hear the case. One way by which the U.S. Supreme Court may review the case is by: A.    forum non conveniens.B. & ... Read More

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Review Decisions by US Court of Appeals and What Constitute Pleadings

Question 1.    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reviews decisions of which of the following? A.    Patent and Trademark Office.B.    Tax Court.C.    Bankruptcy Courts. D.    All of the above.2. &nb ... Read More

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Appellate Judges Reversing Trail Court Decisions and What Constitute the Discovery Stage of Trail

Question 1. Appellate judges can reverse a decision of the trial court: A. where the losing party desires a new trial.B. only where the outcome of the case is clearly wrong.C. where any error below is found.D. only where there was a prejudicial error substantially affecting the appellant's rights ... Read More

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Supreme Court’s Decision on Volkswagen Vs Woodson Case

Question 1. In the World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson case, the Supreme Court found that: A. for a state to exercise jurisdiction over the parties to a lawsuit, there must be sufficient minimal contacts between the defendant and the state.B. a business must solicit business in a particular st ... Read More

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Example of Special Court in Federal Judicial System and Define Default Judgement

Question 1. An example of a special court in the federal judicial system is the: A. Federal District Court.B. U.S. Court of Appeals.C. U.S. Court of Federal Claims. D. U.S. Supreme Court.2. A default judgment is: A. a legal pleading that contains denials, admissions, affirmative defenses, and cou ... Read More

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Checks and Balances Formed by the US Constitution and Defamation Cases on Media

Question 1. A star basketball player in the NBA: A. is not subject to the "actual malice" test in defamation actions against the press.B. may win a defamation case against the media if he can prove the media acted negligently in reporting an untruth about him.C. is a "public figure" with respe ... Read More

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Amendments that Prohibit Government Depriving Life and Liberty of Individuals

Question 1. The __________ and __________ Amendments respectively prohibit the federal and state governments from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. A. First and TenthB. Fourth and FourteenthC. Fourth and FifteenthD. Fifth and Fourteenth2. Strict scrutin ... Read More

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Amendment that Abolishes Slavery and Application of Equal Protection Test in Cases

Question 1. Which equal protection test is applied to cases based on gender and legitimacy? A. The rational relationship test.B.  The strict scrutiny test.C.  The intermediate test.D. All of the above.2. Only the __________ Amendment to the Constitution, which abolishes slavery or involu ... Read More

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Supreme Court on Brentwood Academy Vs Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association

Question 1. The Contract Clause prevents a state from: A. affecting any agreements between two parties.B. contracting with another state.C. making contracts with private individuals.D. changing contracts after they have been made.2. In the Brentwood Academy v. Tennessee Secondary School Athletic A ... Read More

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Determination of Compatibility of Law and Where does Judicial Review Extend to?

Question 1. The principle of __________ concerns a court's determination of the compatibility of a law or governmental action with individual liberties. A. state's rightsB. procedural due processC. the rational relationship testD. substantive due process2. Judicial review extends to: A. legisla ... Read More

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