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Misrepresentation Of Information While Selling Business

Question Abigail had built up a successful online business, selling dresses and skincare products that were imported from Korea. She decided to sell the business as she wanted to take a break from work. She was approached by Bernard, who expressed an interest in purchasing the business. He asked wh ... Read More

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Contract Filled With Innonimate Conditions And Warranties

Question MusicFest Productions (MFP) wanted to organise a concert for a well-known boy band, Three Dimensions, to be held on 1 January 2015. On 1 July 2014, MFP appointed SuperAds Agency as the advertising agency to publicise the concert. The advertising contract contained the following Clause 8: & ... Read More

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Are Actions Of Agents Of Legal Persons Binding

Question Gavin was working for ToyzRU as a procurement manager. The company requested him to source for and purchase a second-hand van for its deliveries of toys to its customers. In a meeting with the company’s director, Gavin was instructed that the second-hand van should be in good conditi ... Read More

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Article Review Saudi Her Kin Just Left On Trip Plant To Return And Answer Questions

Question Read the article entitled “Saudi: Her Kin Just Left on Trip, Plan to Return”. In the article you read that real estate and land use attorney Alan Ciklin said he’s never seen the adverse possession law used this way. “I don’t think it’s going to work,&rdq ... Read More

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Filing Case Against Former Employee

Question Continental Carriers, Inc. (CC), a large East Coast moving and storage company, employed Ben Arnold as its national sales manager at its home office in Frederick, Maryland. On January 28, 2014, Arnold abruptly tendered his resignation, without giving CC advance notice or an explanation for ... Read More

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Write A Business Law Issue Paper By Reading The Given Articles

Question Write a Business Law Issue paper by analyzing the following articles. The FDA Is Out to Lunch By Barry Estabrook November 30, 2012 Food Safety Bill Passes in House; Heads to Obama for Signature By Elina Shatkin Tue., Dec. 21 2010 http://blogs.l ... Read More

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Unilateral Contracts And Performance Of Conditions

Question Carbolic Smoke Ball Company placed an advertisement in a newspaper promising to pay 100 pound to anyone who used one of its smoke balls three times daily for 2 weeks and still contracted influenza. Mrs. Carlill bought a smoke ball and used it following the instructions supplied and co ... Read More

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Sales Gambit And Public Deception

Question Superior Used Cars Ltd. has as the most prominent display on its lot an immaculate, highly polished model which rotates slowly on a raised circular platform under powerful floodlights. The price is on the windshield - $17,700.00. Walking home one evening, Williams noticed the display and s ... Read More

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Applicability Of Frustration Of Contract

Question In 1994, the Dryden Construction Co. contracted with the Ontario Hydro Electric Power Commission to build an access road seven miles long from its Manitou Falls generating station to provincial Highway No 105. The contract contained the following clause: The contractor agrees that he is fu ... Read More

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Remedies Available For Breach Of Contract

Question Shaw contracts with Universal Travel Services for an advertised three-week conducted tour through western Canada, including 5 days at the scenic and spectacular location of Banff. The itinerary also includes a stop at Castle Mountain. Instead of visiting this mountain Universal Travel Serv ... Read More

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Remedies Available For Breach Of Condition In A Contract

Question Jones contracted with the Martin Floor Covering & Tile Co. to have her kitchen floor tiled. Before entering into the contract, Jones asked the manager of the company, whether, once the job was started, the workers would be left on it without interruption until it was completed. The man ... Read More

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Deviate Action By Shareholder Against Management Of A Company

Question Messrs. Forrest, Moss and Pine jointly purchased a piece of land located in Calgary for $1,000,000.00 with a view to erecting a large apartment building. They then incorporated Forest Park Apartments Ltd. and appointed themselves its directors. Forrest was a member of a small investment cl ... Read More

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