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Kirton's Theory of Adaptors and Innovators


Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation theory stands on the assumption that all people are creative – at different levels and with different styles (based on the assertion that level and style are independent). In this task, your job is to compare Kirton’s view with two others: (1) the popular view of creativity, your own view of creativity. With this in mind, please write an essay that addresses the following:

1.    Adaption-Innovation (A-I) theory tells us that individuals have different preferences for handling structure as they solve problems. Explain these differences in your own words, using practical examples from your experience to illustrate your descriptions.  
2.    Compare and contrast Kirton’s view of creativity with your understanding of creativity when you entered this course. Be sure to address both similarities and differences between your view and Kirton’s.
3.    Compare and contrast Kirton’s view of creativity with the popular view of creativity, considering the implications of both views in practical settings.


The question belongs to Management and it is about Kirton’s Adaptors – Innovators Theory. According to this theory, people can be divided based on two settings. One is Adaptor and the other is Innovator. Adaptors are strict followers of rules, while Innovators are those people who do things differently than Adaptors.

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