Interpersonal Skills, Active and Passive Listening


  1. In an interview for a paralegal position, Thomas asks the interviewer if the salary is negotiable. The interviewer tells him that it isn’t, but that salary adjustments can be made after a six-month performance review.  In this situation, who is the sender and who is the receiver? Also, explain what the message and feedback are, respectively.
  2. Colleagues say that litigator Bruce Sanders has a pleasant voice in the courtroom. Describe three factors that likely contribute to the quality of Bruce’s voice.
  3. Laura constantly rocks from side to side when she is speaking. Describe the signals Laura is sending to the Listeners.
  4. Provide a broad definition of the term communication and explain what activities this term refers to.
  5. Your colleague shows you a videotape of his closing argument for a trial. You notice that he constantly fidgets with his hands.  Discuss the feedback you would give him to improve his closing argument.
  6. Susan speaks at a pace of 90 words per minute. When she sends a verbal message, what will be the most likely reaction of the person receiving the message? Explain your answer.
  7. During her performance review, Kendra’s supervising attorney tells her that she frequently pauses to say Ugh when she speaks, and that it can be distracting to her listeners. Explain Kendra’s appropriate response.
  8. Ken tells his supervising attorney, “I will takes the rule books back to the library.” Describe the signal Ken is sending with his message.
  9. Explain the difference between passive listening and active listening.
  10. Describe two different messages that a frown can convey.


This question belongs to human resources and discusses about interpersonal skills.

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