Intellectual Property Plan For Software For Insurance


Thomas Edison has obtained the knowledge to be an expert in managing professional liability through his employment by Large Insurance Company, and he is aware of the rising costs of professional liability insurance. He does not have a written employment agreement. Through the knowledge he obtains as an employee of Large Insurance Company, he develops the concept for a risk management plan that is based on collecting data, processing the data through an internet-based software program, and developing risk management profiles. Edison decides to name it the “Go-Low Program.”He does most of the work on the Go-Low Program at home, but he sometimes works on it during lunch and slow periods at work. He is not a computer programmer, so he engages the services of a software development company to create the internet-based software program. Once the Go-Low Program is created, Edison shows it to his friend, Alex Bell, who works for Competitor Insurance Company. Bell likes it. Edison forms a limited liability company, Go-Low, LLC, for marketing the Go-Low Program as a component of an insurance product. It is wildly successful, so Edison resigns as an employee of Large Insurance Company. Based on the above facts, please answer the following questions, referring to as many bodies of intellectual property law as may be applicable:

1.    What intellectual property issues arise from Edison’s creation of the Go-Low Program?
2.    What intellectual property issues arise from the acquisition of software programming services?
3.    What intellectual property issues arise from showing the Go-Low Program to Bell?
4.    What bodies of intellectual property law can be used to protect the Go-Low Program and how would they be implemented?


The question belongs to Law and it discusses about the intellectual property rights of creating a software and the issues that arise from the acquisition of the software programming services has been discussed in the solution.

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