Importance of Linkages Between Problem Solving and Decision Making



Decision making and problem solving are two key management functions.  Managers at all levels face problems daily and must decide what to do about them.  In fact many consider that problem solving and decision making are the primary work of the manager and that thinking skills in that regard are essential in order to be an effective manager. 

Some managers find this to be one of their most difficult tasks to perform while others see every “problem” as an “opportunity” and are not bothered by the fact that every solution will likely have unintended consequences.  Thinking through a problem to arrive at a suitable decision need not be a painful chore or a headache (to be avoided if possible) – it can also be an activity that engages ones interest and imagination and involves challenge and enjoyable hard work.

All managers have a vested interest in seeing that the best decisions are taken and that problems are solved in the optimum way.  No one however can guarantee the desired outcomes because luck or chance plays a part in all human affairs, but one can make sure that tried and tested thinking processes are used to a definite purpose. 

Prepare an Essay of which contains your research on

(a)   The importance of the linkages between problem solving and decision making.                                                                                                                                                                              

(b)   Identification of the key steps in the problem solving and decision making process.                                

(c)   The contrasting effectiveness of Individual versus Group decision making            .


This question belongs to management and discusses about problem solving and decision making.

Word count: 2050


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