Impact Of Globalization On Various Countries


Answer the questions: (there are some information base on the questions:

1.    We will most likely never truly have a "flat" world due to the obvious literal distances among nations.  However, with the growing technology in communication, such as the aforementioned VOIP services, which are being used not only for personal calls, but by companies worldwide, as well as the increase in outsourcing as mentioned in Friedman's book, how close do you believe we are to becoming a flat world?  How flat, do you think we can truly become for that matter?
2.    Friedman elaborates on the effect of western culture on eastern culture, especially in India.  He talks about the similarities in architecture and landscape, as well as the way call centers train their employees to adopt English accents.  Do you believe globalization is significantly contributing to individuals forgetting or rejecting their own culture?  Or are countries merely adopting tools that are aiding in the further advancement of economies?
3.    What are the true standards of globalization?
4.    When should feminism be a good indicator of globalization?
5.    What was it about Friedman's argument that he seemed to despise so greatly?
6.    What other forms of art and 'the arts' besides film would she recommend for exemplifying cultural identity second to film, for those who are maybe not interested or are inept in the area of film?"
7.    How is there going to be an increase in globalization when there are countries that limits or won’t allow the Internet in their country?
8.    I would like to hear more about others throughout the world who is involved in getting people engaged through cultural initiatives. Is there hope for her to move beyond her borders? (Ms. Sheikha Al Mayassa lecture)


These questions belong to Economics and they discusses about the impact of globalization on various countries in the world, especially the effect of western culture on eastern culture. Such and other aspects of globalization have been discussed in the solution in detail.

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