Identify Tools And Methods Used In A Survey


Analysis: Social scientists use and/ conduct different research methodologies to explain a social/behavioral patterns. Identify the specific research method used and Underline the key word/s that support or justify your answer.

Case: A team of social scientist wanted to study about the increasing rate of divorce in UAE. Identify the research tool/method they used. Is it survey method, unobtrusive observation, experimental method, participant observation, ethnography, or secondary-data analysis?


Research Type

Research Procedure


Compare available records of the divorce rates of each Emirate based on the statistics provided by the Civil Registry or Court


Choose a sample of divorce couples , and float a questionnaire to find out the reasons why they divorced


Record the behavior of children of divorced couples during their snack or break time


Stay with families and find out how single parents (women) cope without the head of the family.


Conduct an in-depth study of a couple who decided to get divorce



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about identifying the method or tool used by a team surveying increasing rate of divorce in UAE.

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