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Building Self confidence to Enhance Employability Skills

Question Vivian is a graduate from a local diploma programme and had good grades in all her modules. Upon graduation, she found a job at steadily growing start-up with has strong global business partnership with companies in India and China. The job required Vivian to work both independently and w ... Read More

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Questionnaire to Conduct Interview to Organisational Manager

Question Following questions are related to organisational culture. To conduct an interview with Vantage Shipbrokers organisational manager about the organisational culture. You are asked to make up the logical answers to these questions. 1. What makes you proud to work at this company? 2. How do ... Read More

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Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness

Question GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) is a large-scale research program involving the efforts of a team of 160 scholars. The study explored cultural values and their impact on organizational leadership in around 60 countries. The GLOBE study developed a s ... Read More

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Bonaventure Chiropractic Clinic Staffing Plan

Question Place yourself in the role of a newly hired director working on behalf of a soon-to-open chiropractic clinic in your local community. The establishment will be named Bonaventure Chiropractic and will feature one chiropractor (the owner of Bonaventure) and associated support staff members. ... Read More

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Annotated Bibliography on Three Trends in Profession

Question Research THREE trends in your profession and create an Annotated Bibliography that contains a list of articles, books and documents that supports your research.  Summary This question belongs to essay writing and discusses about research on trends in a profession. Word count: 1252 ... Read More

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Job Analysis of the Customer Service Representative Position

Question You are the HR manager for a small retail company that sells a high volume of products over the Internet.  Your company is growing rapidly due to increased Internet sales. Your company prides itself on providing high-quality products and services. The Customer Service department is in ... Read More

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Sustainability and Competitive Advantage of an Organization

Question As a strategic business partner to an organisation’s senior management, the role of the HR practitioner is both strategic and tactical. Examine a multinational organization and evaluate how its initiatives (policies, processes, procedures, practices and programmes) have contributed t ... Read More

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Interview and Analysis of Knowledge Worker

Question Interview and analysis of knowledge worker Write 3 questions on each topic below to find out more about his personality, his style of work and so on... Personality of knowledge worker Her/his working style Style of learning and sharing knowledge Which part of knowledge cycle he/ her ... Read More

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Review of HR Management Functions of Happy Times Daycare Society

Question Imagine you are a human resources (HR) consultancy team, hired by the Executive Director of Happy Times to investigate and report on the organisation’s HR management. Looking at all elements of the HR management function within Happy Times Daycare Society, you are required to: Co ... Read More

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How Arab and Chinese Nationalities Meet their Needs and Resolve Fears

Question Schwalbe states: To understand a person’s behavior, one must understand the context.  What is meant by context? Research ways people of Arab and Chinese nationalities may meet their (universal) needs and resolve their (universal) fears.   Provide a brief comparison of ... Read More

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Consciousness of Others about Diversity in the US

Question In Thomas Sowell’s article is this statement: What serves human purposes more effectively survives, while what does not, tends to decline or disappear.  How can you use such an idea to further the consciousness of others about diversity in the US? Summary This question belo ... Read More

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Multicultural and Global Perspectives of Leaders

Question Why should leaders have multicultural and global perspectives?  Consider the tertiary dimensions, or those that are common to peoples of certain countries or nations. Summary This question belongs to essay writing and discusses about multicultural and global perspectives of leaders. ... Read More

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