Human Resource Management Questions Hiring Appropriate Questions to be asked to the interviewee



A hiring manager comes to you with a list of questions that she would like to use for her interview to select a customer service representative.  Your task is to identify which questions are appropriate and/or inappropriate to ask based on employment legislation.  Please provide the manager with a rationale to support each decision you recommend.


1.    You have a number of extra-curricular activities listed on your resume.  Are there any associations to which you belong?   
2.    Tell me about a time you were faced with a tight deadline that you weren’t able to meet.  What was the outcome of that situation?  
3.    Why did you leave your last position?   
4.    Are you planning to take any other classes or completing any other certification or designation that will assist you in your career growth?  
5.    Do you have arrangements made for the care of your child while you are at work?    
6.    Have you been convicted of an offense?  
7.    Can you provide me with an example of a time you disagreed with a decision that your manager made?  What happened?   
8.    So your last name is Branch?  Where does that name originate?  
9.    What year did you graduate high school?    
10.    Is there anything else about you that you’d like me to know?  


The questions belong to Human Resource Management, particularly to the topic Hiring. According to Canadian law, an employer can and cannot ask certain questions while hiring candidates.  The above questions act as examples of some which can be asked and some of which shouldn’t be asked.

Total word count is 1151

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