Human Resource Management Essay Self Leadership


Discuss a specific area of self-leadership drawing on the relevant literature and use this knowledge to identify the implications for contemporary human resource practice.


  • Synthesize and evaluate data received from a variety of sources in order to report and make recommendations for self-leadership development;
  • Establish meaningful goal action plans for self-leadership development based upon an analysis and critical evaluation of current skill level;
  • Use models of cognitive, behavioral and emotional change to manage and change your own leadership behavior and develop your self-leadership skills;
  • Recommend human resource management policies and processes to improve employee self-development and leadership.



The assignment in Human Resource Management deals with self-leadership and how one must treat leadership. Leadership is not an attainable position but it is a constant struggle to improvise and more importantly to identify opportunities much in advance and act accordingly. It is also a process where others are given opportunities and facilitating to accomplish those objectives. Good leadership is necessary to steer not only a business, en enterprise, an economy as well as the whole nation towards prosperity.

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