Human Resource Management Essay Organization Culture and Workforce Diversity


You are required to research the following areas, and write a response of approximately 500 words to 750 words for each.

Answer both of the following questions.

1.      A strong, positive organization culture is considered important for improving performance in the workplace.  Explain what is meant by organization culture and discuss how managers may use tools, such as social networking, to improve organization culture. (Students should refer to the following journal article to answer this question):

Moffat, A. & McLean, A. (2010). Merger as conversation. Leadership & Organization Development Journal. 31 (6). 534-550

2.      Explain the concept of ‘workforce diversity’ and suggest some problems and benefits for an organization, brought about by having a diverse workplace.



The assignment in Human Resource Management is about Organizational Culture and Workforce Diversity. The assignment answers questions about increase in performance by active social network participation and the advantages of workforce diversity. Both performance and positive attitude can develop in an organization if people participate more actively in social networking. But, there needs to be a limit as it can negatively affect the performance as well. On the other hand, diverse workforce is also important because when people from different walks of life or people who belong to different places come together, they also bring in new, fresh and unheard ideas to the drawing board.

Total Word count is 1614


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