Human Resource Management Essay Managing People's Performance


Manage People Performance

Read the following  case study  and critically  analyze the situation  and write  a report  in which you  outline the  issues and problems  faced by the organization's  members.  Describe how you would address them. Justify your answers and give detailed reasons for your intended actions.

Case study

You’re up-line manager has called you into the office to discuss a situation they have only just become aware of. One of your major customers, Organization X, has expressed dissatisfaction with the service provided by your organization. You have an ongoing contract to supply this customer with goods until the end of the year.  At this time the contract will be re-negotiated. Apparently,   Organization X has expressed their dissatisfaction on a number of previous occasions, but there has been no real improvement.  As a result  of the  poor service  and the  problems  with  supply of goods, the  manager  of Organization X has strongly  suggested  that  the  contract  will not be extended  and might,  in fact,  be offered  to another organization.

The problems have been traced to your department/   section.  One of your  team  members  has been tardy in processing the  orders  and sending them  through  to the  necessary supply  department   and when representatives from  Organization X have contacted  the team  member  to confirm  orders  and delivery times,  they  have received  vague assurances,  but the goods ordered  have either  not arrived  on time,  or the  orders have not been fully  made up.

How would you handle these problems, keeping several things in mind?

The organization  should have explicit and well communicated performance standards employees should receive appropriate training

Employees should be given suitable support so they can do their jobs well

What do you think the real causes of these problems might be and how could they be addressed? Consider the case in terms of performance management and performance counseling. Explain the steps

You would take to resolve the problem and to justify your problem solutions. Select a solution and make a decision.

What action might you take if, after you have implemented your problem solution, the situation does not improve?

There is an obvious need for performance improvement-the  participants should describe the ways in which this would be identified and addressed-including all or any necessary performance  counseling, monitoring   or coaching procedures.

Work standards should be addressed and incorporated into a system for managing performance. Counseling process might take into consideration-training/ coaching, time off without pay, movement to

Other areas of the organization.                                                                                                                                         

Consider also, how the work and the organization's systems or processes might contribute to the problems/s.

Performance should be monitored so that feedback, reinforcement and acknowledgement of improvement can be made at appropriate times. Ongoing poor performance   should be discussed and improvement suggestions made.

If  performance does not improve, it might be necessary to restructure work, move the employee elsewhere, offer to give time off without  pay or consider implementing a warning system, etc.



The question in human resources management is about management of people performance particularly in relation to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is key to most businesses and it is a benchmark based upon which new customers can benefit. In this regard, employees in an organization must be attuned to delivering highest customer satisfaction.

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