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Human Resources Management is a strategic approach adopted for managing the most important and valued asset of an organization, namely the people working or the human resources. There are many strategies, policies, practices and programs studied under human resources management. These strategies, policies and practices help in smooth functioning of the organization both for short term and long run, from people’s point of view.

Some of the key functions in an organization include recruiting, training, performance appraisal and providing motivation for employees is done by the Human Resources department.

Recruitment and training: Recruitment is one of the most important functions of the Human Resources Management. This is the starting point for an organization is through recruitment. Recruitment is about bringing in the right people for the right job. Training is the next phase after recruitment. Training plays an important role in shaping or imparting him with the required knowledge to do his work.

Performance appraisal: Performance appraisal is an ongoing process where in the work of employees is evaluated to check whether or not it meets the standards of the organization. This is essential because it can affect the overall productivity of the organization. To boost the performance, the human resources management regularly provides motivation to the employees.

Compensation to employees: Compensation to employees is one of the biggest motivators for a job. An organization must compensate its workforce adequately depending upon the job, designation and market conditions. Apart from regular monetary compensation, which happens either weekly or monthly, there are other benefits that employees can look out for in a corporate organization. These can include health insurance for employee and immediate family members, allowances for risky or hazardous jobs, food expenses, travelling or commuting expenses and of course, provident fund, gratuity and pension schemes can sometimes be very important.

Organizational behaviour: Organizational behaviour is related to group dynamics of individuals in an organizational set up. With the help of this knowledge, managers can tap into the potential of employees by duly motivating them. There are various theories such as Systems Theory, Contingency Theory, Bureaucratic Theory, Scientific Management Theory, etc which come under organizational behaviour. Each of these theories is used to understand individual behaviour and group dynamics from various perspectives.

Developing and maintaining good work culture: Apart from the above mentioned activities, human resources management also helps in developing a conducive and healthy work atmosphere for the employees. To increase or to maintain employees’ efficiency, a conducive work atmosphere has to be maintained.

Employee – employer relations: Smooth employee – employer or employee – management relations are also essential for smooth functioning of an organization. In this regard, the management has to develop employee friendly policies to the extent possible. Employee or worker unions can also become deciding factor in employee- employer relations.

Case Studies: One can find several case studies, caselets and scenarios in Human Resources Management from Ivy League Universities. These case studies help in understanding issues which reflect real life conditions.

One can find questions, essays and reports on such and various other topics in human resources management have been covered in our Human Resources Management Solution Library page.



Explain about Why Stereotype Threat is More Useful for Organizations

Question Stereotypes can be helpful to individuals and organizations depending on the situation in which a stereotype is used.’ Explain how organizational behavior theories and practices deal with the subject of stereotyping in an organizational setting. Discuss the validity of the above ... Read More

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Discuss about Current Rewards System Used at the FSR as a Retention Strategy

Question Discuss about current rewards system used at the FSR as a retention strategy.  Answer Drop an email to and get instant access to the solution. ... Read More

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Doodle 4 Google |

Doodle 4 Google Scholarship provided by: Google Doodle 4 Google DEADLINE Mar 02, 2019 MAX. AMOUNT $30,000 NUMBER OF AWARDS Varies Who can apply Participants must be elementary or secondary school students in the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia who have registered for the contest. ... Read More

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Handling Different Types of Workers Using Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Question LEADING: While it’s interesting to do the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to know about yourself (Ch.9, Ch.11, BMGT1102), as a manager it can also help you understand how other people view the world so that you can know how best to lead them. Everyone is different; this ... Read More

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Difference Between Leadership and Power

Question Explain the difference between leadership and power. How can it be balanced in the workplace? Summary This question belongs to human resource management and discusses about leadership and power. Word count: 537   ... Read More

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment to Handle Different Types of Workers

Question LEADING: While it’s interesting to do the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to know about yourself (Ch.9, Ch.11, BMGT1102), as a manager it can also help you understand how other people view the world so that you can know how best to lead them. Everyone is different; this ... Read More

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Building Self confidence to Enhance Employability Skills

Question Vivian is a graduate from a local diploma programme and had good grades in all her modules. Upon graduation, she found a job at steadily growing start-up with has strong global business partnership with companies in India and China. The job required Vivian to work both independently and w ... Read More

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Questionnaire to Conduct Interview to Organisational Manager

Question Following questions are related to organisational culture. To conduct an interview with Vantage Shipbrokers organisational manager about the organisational culture. You are asked to make up the logical answers to these questions. 1. What makes you proud to work at this company? 2. How do ... Read More

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Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness

Question GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) is a large-scale research program involving the efforts of a team of 160 scholars. The study explored cultural values and their impact on organizational leadership in around 60 countries. The GLOBE study developed a s ... Read More

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Bonaventure Chiropractic Clinic Staffing Plan

Question Place yourself in the role of a newly hired director working on behalf of a soon-to-open chiropractic clinic in your local community. The establishment will be named Bonaventure Chiropractic and will feature one chiropractor (the owner of Bonaventure) and associated support staff members. ... Read More

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Annotated Bibliography on Three Trends in Profession

Question Research THREE trends in your profession and create an Annotated Bibliography that contains a list of articles, books and documents that supports your research.  Summary This question belongs to essay writing and discusses about research on trends in a profession. Word count: 1252 ... Read More

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Job Analysis of the Customer Service Representative Position

Question You are the HR manager for a small retail company that sells a high volume of products over the Internet.  Your company is growing rapidly due to increased Internet sales. Your company prides itself on providing high-quality products and services. The Customer Service department is in ... Read More

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