HR Objective Questions: Employment Based on Performance and Employee Termination With or Without Reason


1.  When Claudette was hired, her supervisor said that she had a job with the company as long as she performed well. Which of the following statements is true?

a.    Claudette is an at-will employee.
b.    The supervisor violated federal law when he made this statement.
c.    Claudette has an implied contract.
d.    The supervisor's promise is non-binding because it is not documented.

2.  “This handbook is not a contract, express or implied, guaranteeing employment for any specific duration.  Although we hope that your employment relationship with us will be long term, either you or the Employer may terminate this relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice.”  This is an example of a/an _______________.  

a.    common law doctrine
b.    implied contract
c.    employment contract
a.    employment-at-will statement


These two multiple choice questions belong to Human Resources Management and they are particularly about risk management and employee relations. The questions are about employment based on performance and the employer terminating with or without notice or reason.

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